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Foreign Christmas movies

So, what is a pledge of good Christmas picture?Firstly, it dolzhnabyt magic, with a share of a miracle that even adults want to believe that there is a fairy tale.Second, it must arouse in people romanticheskiechuvstva, because what else is not enough people for the New Year.Third, it dolzhnabyt family since Christmas the whole family will gather at the same table.Eslifilm has all these qualities, he will definitely be popular.

Family comedy

Begin, perhaps, is a film, which is associated with the majority of young people from childhood.Etokartina "Home Alone."All parts of this masterpiece certainly good, but most vsegonashim compatriots remember the first two, which played malenkiyMakkoley Culkin.Funny antics baby Kevin over hapless robbers smeshilineskolko generations of children and adults, and made the most of Mr. Kalkin populyarnymrebenkom.

«Borrowed Hearts" - Christmas story, after watching that nachinaeshverit in Christmas miracles.The plot tells the story of Kathleen and her little da

ughter Zoe, they mechtayuto own home and meets a handsome guy, Sam.Sam - a bachelor and that he always arranged, doteh long as it begins to tear down egobiznes.Very good bargain may burn because meksikanskiybiznesmen wishing to invest in the deal Sam does not trust bachelors.Then Semreshaet take the family rented, this family and becomes Kathleen and Zoe.Amazing atmosphere of the nineties does etokino one of the best New Year paintings, albeit somewhat naive.

film "Family Man" with a stunning game actor Nicolas Cage.Rechidet of millionaires who believe that the main thing in life - is money and vysokoepolozhenie in society.But everything changes when one day he wakes up in bed come true friend.It turns out that he is married and has two children - is, perhaps, and all his wealth.But he still does not understand that it is worth much more than skyscrapers and cars, which he vladelranshe.

At Christmas all go to our home, to his parents, but chtoesli parents are divorced?In order not to offend anyone, Kate and Brad have decided to celebrate prazdniktolko together, but fate decided otherwise, so they are now in a day nuzhnootmetit "Four Christmases."

Fireworks from celebrities

Two somewhat similar to each other movies is "Love Actually" and "Old New Year".They are connected by Christmas.The plot of both films is built naneskolkih stories that run parallel.Each picture contains luchshieaktery England ("Love Actually") and America ("Old New Year").

«Love Actually" - one of the most beautiful comedy about love.Zdessobrany history of the Prime Minister, in love with his subordinate, a widower, pytayuschegosyaponyat his son, who fell in love with his classmate.And also about dubleraintimnyh scenes, writer, secretary, and other characters.Each of them svoyaistoriya occurring on Christmas Eve.

«Old New Year" - is eight stories that took place in New York.Vpreddverii holiday every inhabitant metropolis is home to a sobstvennuyuistoriyu.Someone is looking forward to the New Year, someone has not had time to finish all the work, but someone does and hates etotprazdnik but magical atmosphere will make them all believe in miracles.

«Surviving Christmas" - this is a very unusual Christmas komediya.Millioner Drew Latham has all he wants his soul, he does not have just one -Family.At Christmas he went to the house of his childhood, where his people live sovershennochuzhie.He offers them a lot of money if they play his family.Warmth, kindness and love dear people - glavnyeukrasheniya the New Year holidays, even if they are fictional.The film is not without ilyubovnoy line.But most importantly, what leggings, it's what a real family is impossible to buy.

Christmas movies about love

«Intuition" - a film that looked begin to believe in fate.Imagine that in the middle of the city there are two, Man and Woman pulls together, Jonathan and Sarah are sure that this is not accidental.But Jonathan is a girl, and Usarov - guy.They decided to test fate, Jonathan writes the number nabanknote and transfer any of her and Sarah - in the book that give bookseller.They parted, and passes a lot of time, but the fate of constantly reminds them of each druge.Poka one day the bride Jonathan gives him a book with zavetnymnomerom and Sarah does not get back to the bill by accident, but this dorogoznakomogo.Who knows what would have happened to them if not for Christmas.

When life is not going well, it is necessary to radically change svoyuzhizn and go for tens of thousands of kilometers.Taksdelali heroine Kate Winslet and KameronDias in the movie "The Holiday".Two stranger who did not work lichnayazhizn, "change" countries on the eve of Christmas and it looks like it's not edinstvennayaperemena that awaits them in the New Year.

Sweet and dreamy Lucy has long been in love with Peter.But vidyatsyaoni only once a day, when he passed her in the subway.And then one day Lucy vytaskivaetPitera from under the wheels of the train, under which it is cast by robbers, he finds himself in the hospital, but still can not thank her, because she is in a coma.Chtobynavestit his beloved Lucy seems to be his bride, everything would be fine, if only this time it did not come to his family, which now finds Lucy buduscheysuprugoy Peter.It looks like the girl on Christmas plans have changed dramatically, and eepustaya apartment changes to a large and noisy house, but what happens when Piterprosnetsya?See "While You Were Sleeping" and know how it ends.

These paintings will make your holiday unforgettable.Enjoy watching!