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How does regividon?

Any interruption of pregnancy negatively affects the future state of the reproductive system of women, besides these small operations can lead to infertility.When choosing a contraceptive should be approached individually to each situation.For example, if you have a regular sexual partner that you do not need money to protect against sexually transmitted diseases, and in the opposite case, the opposite is true.Many gynecologists recommend to their clients the hormonal contraceptives.Today one of the most popular and commonly used is regividon.

as the impact of hormonal contraceptives on female reproductive system.

In a healthy body of any woman, there are two kinds of sex hormones - progesterone and estrogen is.Estrogen affects the egg by preparing it to fertilize.And what would be the process of pregnancy was perfect, progesterone does not allow others to mature follicles, blocking the action of a special substance.On these principles and the basis of all hormones.

All hormonal contraceptives in t

heir formulations and dosages are different.There are hormonal contraceptives only with the content of progesterone, but are most often found in combination.

How does regividon?

Regividon is an oral hormonal contraceptive use.Rigevidon is available in tablets, which include artificial progesterone and synthetic estrogen.Regividon affects ovulation prevents pregnancy.If a woman refuses to further use regividona, she should know that this drug does not negatively affect the possible future pregnancy.

If a woman is in the early stages of pregnancy, drug taking regividon (not knowing that she is pregnant) then the drug in this case does not negatively affect the emerging fruit.

Side effects that can occur if used improperly p e r and Weedon.

Usually side effects occur rarely, but if regividon use without consulting a doctor it can lead to headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, appearance of age spots, to increase body weight, diarrhea, hair loss, high blood pressure, as well ascan cause skin rash, and jaundice.

P e Mr. and Weedon used in the prevention of pregnancy, unstable (irregular) menstrual cycle, dysmenorrhea.

In what cases can not be taken p e r and Weedon.

Regividon forbidden to take when:

- Lactation;

- Pregnancy;

- liver disease;

- Hypertension;

- obesity;

- diabetes;

- cardiovascular diseases;

- cholecystitis;

- malignant tumors.

Application regividona in cases of pregnancy, severe headaches, blurred vision when you need to stop.

Women over forty years, the use of hormonal preparation regividona without the advice of a doctor is not desirable, since many women in that age pronounced varicose veins, blood pressure and others.

procedures before surgery should stop the use of regividona about two months.