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Secure contraceptives

Let's see now what are the safe contraceptives.
Contraceptives can be divided into 3 groups: chemical, mechanical and biological means of contraception.However, remember that using contraceptives as safe and unsafe contraceptives, you can not eliminate the risk of pregnancy by 100%.The most proven way is to use a combination of means preventing the conception of the fetus.
mechanical safety contraceptives block any man's sperm in the genital tract of any woman.Spiral, cervical caps, condoms - is the most commonly used mechanical contraceptives.

quickest and most secure contraceptive devices - condoms is receiving widespread among the people.They are readily available, and unlike the spiral does not require the intervention of a gynecologist in the female body.The method they use is pretty simple.Condoms, made typically of latex or polyurethane is put to an excited male penis (which is in a state of erection).After the end of sexual intercourse, it is removed and thrown out.In no case do not use a condo

m if you have committed before unprotected sex with a partner who has occurred ekulyatsiya.In order to become pregnant need only one sperm agile.

Condoms are safe and reliable contraception protect both partners from the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis B and other diseases).The effectiveness of condoms about 99%, as the place to be the human factor and sometimes a marriage in manufacturing, producing these safe contraceptives.

There are also female condoms - cervical caps.They are the women who engage in sexual activity, putting on half an hour before the act on the cervix, thereby preventing subsequent sperm from entering the uterus.The effectiveness of such safe for the female body contraception is 60-90% in a hundred cases.The big drawback is the lack of cervical caps protect against sexually transmitted diseases.However, if you are confident in your partner, you can use them.

not safe contraceptives - intrauterine devices is - "spiral", which are introduced into the woman's uterus and prevents a fertilized egg in the uterus.Only need to install them from your gynecologist, as some female chronic conditions may worsen due to a foreign body in the body.We strongly recommend to pass inspection before installing the Navy.

you I would not say that safe contraception - a chemical and biological substances.They are effective at relatively fragile female body, so I advise you not to use them.Better to just interrupt sexual intercourse with a partner before it ekulyatsii.This is perhaps the most popular way of natural contraception.If you want to use chemical or biological means of protection against unwanted pregnancy, then consult your gynecologist who will help you make the right choice in a wide variety of these funds.

Cherish the love and plan a time when you want to have a baby.