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desire to be independent in decision-making be guided only by their needs.Certainly, it is a positive factor, as women self-realization, and when they decide to have a baby, then fully devote themselves to motherhood.

for planning children must be reliable means of contraception to avoid unexpected surprises.Such funds are vast.The only thing to do is choose the one that is most suitable for individual use.
One of the common methods of contraception are pills.Large range offers a choice of price category, personal preferences.But in no case should not be used on their own contraceptives.These hormones, which, when used improperly, can cause terrible consequences.The best thing is to consult a gynecologist.After passing the tests, the doctor prescribes a particular drug, which is to a greater or lesser extent will contain hormones.

Another no less effective method of contraception - the intrauterine device.Basically it has been used for women giving birth.Since the coil is introduced into the uterine c

avity.That may adversely affect the future of labor.But modern technology has leaped forward, and now have the opportunity to use a more compact and less harmful spiral.To foreign body is oxidized, using technology pollination silver, copper, with the addition of propolis and many other herbs.This allows young girls and use this contraceptive.

more radical method of contraception - sterilization.But it is possible to perform only if you already have children and do not plan to in the future.Since this process is irreversible.If you are in any doubt in the conduct of the procedure, then discard that decision for yourself and find an alternative method of contraception.
Three types of contraception allow you to use only constant and reliable partners, as they do not protect against all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases, but only protect against unwanted pregnancy.If you are unsure of your partner, it's better to use a more reliable means - a condom.It protects against pregnancy protects against sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS.Therefore, confidence in their own security, the most reliable means is the condom.

Statistics show that women are now more responsible attitude towards their health.And the opinion that it is better to be protected than to have an abortion.This is natural and very correct.But in our country there is no sex education, which leads to a large percentage of pregnancies among youth.And consequently abortion, as young girls did not wish to give birth at that age.To break the vicious circle must enter hours for sexual education in high school, so that children did not learn the details of friends or on television, and get the expert advice of experts.Working parents are also very important in this area.Since the child should ask for advice in a difficult situation at their home, not in the courts and on the streets.

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