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Woman and man Cancer: characteristic relations

Male Cancer - characteristics

sign Cancer man may reject the physiological aspect of love.At a young age he is - a romantic, dreaming of unearthly and perfect love.From the astrological point of view, a man Cancer dominated character traits such as softness, dreaminess, naivety.In other words, their emotions often dominate over reason.They are representatives of the water element - quiet, but deep water.In response the first love of their depth of feeling and tenderness of Rakov create gentle and attentive lover.

Many people that have to deal with cancers, rash, rank them for wimps.It is important to remember that this opinion is erroneous and unfounded.In critical situations, they, at first glance, weaklings and nurses, are not converted into stalwart warriors and strategists.Being romantic in everyday life, a man Cancer becomes ruthless and merciless gladiator happen something that is dear to him, or those who for him is important and valuable.

However, from each, albeit fleeting, sexual relations

they expect support and understanding of love and gratitude - head goes into the maelstrom of feelings and surround partner endless ocean of tenderness.

Man Cancer man Cancer is important to note that these romantic and cute creatures can be cruel tyrants, owners and terrible terrible jealous, because the cancer is usually a man first experiences kick disappointments and runs from a hostile world, if it is possible, under the motherly careor seeking refuge in solitude and reclusive.

Male Cancers are mostly peaceful, very quiet and simple, their love is unbreakable and faithful.Among them are easily obtained faithful husbands and fathers excellent living only in the interests of the family.At the same time, they can also manifest itself as capricious people, suffer riddles, subtle and ambiguous.Such a man is easily migrates from one woman to another, constantly searching for the ideal, or falls to the state, which for him could be fatal.In this case, it may even kill the object of love or kill herself.

Some Cancers find a companion much more experienced and older than themselves who are able to find and unlock the potential of their lyrical and philosophical possibilities.This is done by supporting and peace, and then the surrender of the sign Cancer man will be very large.

Men Cancer Compatibility with other signs

Male Cancer Compatibility man Cancer Cancer Compatibility man looks very strong and confident, than to imagine a representatives of the opposite sex.But confidence - it is nothing like his selfishness, and it will be able to destroy the union.Cancer - amorous nature, but it quickly cools down to his beloved.How long to keep relations on a confidence level of sensuality and able partner that relate to the zodiac sign of Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio.They will be able to understand the subtle nature of the elect, and even somewhat flatter his vanity care about him and care.Aries woman will make in the life of a man Cancer fresh air, but he soon tired of her constant movement, from the chaos around him.With a woman Capricorn Cancer can arise from a great relationship, if both will be able to find a compromise on them.Woman Libra is too incomprehensible for Cancer and he fears and avoids what seems unstable in life.Taurus woman will create his reliable rear, comfort in the house, they can be very happy if the companion can cope with its infinite stubbornness.

However, any union must remember mutual respect and understanding.Then any signs of the zodiac can get along with each other.

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