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How to educate the younger child: advice for parents

play strictly by the rules

Byvaeti so that parents are so passionate about the preparation for school senior son or ilidocheri diligently trying to keep the walls of the house on the drawing medium, chtoi did forget about the needs of youngest.Baby experts do accent the need to involve baby into the family.For example, if starshiyrebenok walking with the same age, the youngest and the need to organize takoevremyaprovozhdenie.This will sdelatsvyaz child and family stronger, and he will feel the care and love from storonyroditeley.

Do not treat your child as a child

Malyshineredko feel lonely because they are too small for chtobyigrat and have fun together with the senior.No need to take a 4-letnegomalysha like a baby just because he is the youngest in the family.Since childhood, encourage your rebenkusamostoyatelnost and independence, for example, ask him to help cover Nastola or collect their toys.In this way?you will help your malyshupochuvstvovat like an adult and self-confident.

not set it apart from other children

Samyymalenky trying by any means to attract attention, and the picture of a child near the TV station, while his parents are watching - neredkoeyavlenie.Of course, it is very important to give your child time and attention, but not nuzhnoslishkom set it apart from the other children, and to authorize him what zapreschenodrugim.

Teach your child to be responsible zasvoi actions

esliv let your little daughter or your son does not obey you, bullying older children, ignoring the household chores, you can bytuvereny that in the future you will have problems.Such injustice even mozhetvyzvat rebellion among the children.Experts advise to vaccinate rebenkuotvetstvennost of actions and pay for violating the prohibitions and regulations adopted in the family.

If necessary, protect the baby from starshihrebyat

Roditelyamchasto be passed by the judges, the role of unpleasant, but inevitable.Senior chastoobizhayut younger, bullied them and contemptuous.It happens that situatsiyateryaet control, so parents need to step in and not just porugatstarshego and point out that this can not be done.We need to help the younger, kotoryyesche can not resist himself.If the elders do not allow small vstavitsvoe word, you'd better to contact them and tell them to shut up, so no sister or brother wants to express his thought.

Do not be afraid to refuse, and do not reproach sebyaza is

Malenkiedeti selfish older, they are more busy, do not greatly surprised if your dochurkazakatit fit in any shop because of your refusal to buy her something,that she liked.Do not give in to this blackmail and do not go on about it.Tell her firmly and resolutely not.Nenesites at all stages to fulfill all the requests or demands svoegomalenkogo child.

Otnositesk him, like all children, buy him what you need, not what onzhelaet.This will help the child gain humility humility.

Age - it's just a figure

Malenkiedetki often sad because they can not play with the older, so-vysokoprygat or run fast, think and react.All this is for the child not imeetznacheniya, all he grasped - with him no one wants to play.You must gently uspokoitmalysha and say that it is too early to play with older boys, but when onvyrastet then be able to connect to the game.

Skazhiterebenku he rides on a small tricycle, not because onhuzhe, but because it is still small and his feet will not get to pedaleybolshogo bicycle.Soon he will grow up and be able to drive a bike as iostalnye.

Do not lie on your baby

happens that the kid is prone to embellish some of the facts.He may complain violently heat and therefore does not want to go to school.Do not be lazy and izmeryaytetemperaturu, even in order to show him that you will not tolerate egovrane!

to communicate more with the child

Malenkiedeti with a lack of communication with their parents may be aggressive or too passive.If suddenly your rebenokobizhen and isolated, then it is you have to make a step forward and talk Sneem, otherwise children's anger can grow into a major grievance.

Kprimeru if your little girl refuses to talk to you because zatogo that older sisters did not want to take it with you, you need to explain to her chtoeto not because they did not like and did not want to play with her, and from-this what unih their business, the same as her.Say that everyone should imettolko your space and needs to be respected.

Try to encourage your baby if he igraets adults

zatogo Because of that there is a difference of age, it is difficult to pick a joint session dlyadetok six, thirteen and ten years.For example, your son can not come off otpristavki, and these games are too complicated for a kid.Even sports - each different rebenokimeet development of motor functions.But there are a few lessons to unite children, for example, a joint visit to the amusement park, the historical museum or the game vbadminton.Such classes interested in children of any age.

Pomniteo that parents need to invest in their child only the best quality! Be patient with your child!Do not scold him for every little thing - try prostoobyasnyat why it is not necessary to do that.After all, children need you!Not delaytetak that they were afraid of you, try to make sure that they respect you! Only respect for their parents can work wonders with the behavior vashegochada!

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