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Astrologers Forecast for April

special solar activity in April, making a particularly significant all public affairs and communications, and any collapse of the luck, or - is no accident.You can not engage in politics or management of the company, but for a place under the sun (career, income) and social status (prestige, partnerships) will have to fight and worried all of us.The vector of the action of solar activity is directed to the future, it aims to achieve popularity and harmony with the world.And one can state with confidence: an unexpected result, the balance of power is changing dramatically.However, no problems will not do.If it is not the course of events will be the most difficult to refrain from imposing its vision of justice from any destructive actions.The nature of the event as a whole reveal our ability to safely and correctly to move to the target, for example, to a happy marriage, a personal exhibition or the completion of the trial.

Only bounces solar activity towards the end of the month we will return to the pas

t and affect those areas of life, both material wealth and doing cardio.Than patients perceived the situation, the more we were told the fate that we for the sake of pleasure and entertainment, and have lost a measure of control, we live for others.During this period the high likelihood of new bugs, especially in the mindless copying someone else's experience, senseless risk.For those who have always endured external constraints, taking care of a clean conscience, the influence of the elements will be a reward in the form of assistance at all levels.

From the foregoing does not mean that you need to hide from the people, and sit back, but definitely favorable periods for significant changes in the business and personal life would be a bit: 1-4 and 19 April.Failure of the dates for the start of a new business are not only particularly strong period of solar activity (5-10 and 19-24 April), but also 14, 15 and 26 April.Try to refrain from entering into financial transactions and unions 5, 7,8,14 and 25 April.

According to astrologers forecast for April, in the days of emotional instability (EN days) specified for each sign of the zodiac, you may have a craving for bizarre actions on the verge of permissible.This will include additional anxiety and confusion in feelings.Therefore, in these days it is important to take care of yourself, be in familiar surroundings, and it is better to send the main forces to perform down-home work.


energy nature of your activities be fully geared new impressions.There is a great opportunity to restore information and contacts with whom you have had in the past.Earlier this month, a creative approach to professional activities will bring good results.Solar activity can provoke conflicts, but the failure of plans and the betrayal of friends mean only that it was not destined to be realized.More importantly mentally and physically prepare for the end of the month: calm configured to return all sorts of debt and prevent aggravation of "favorite" of disease.At the end of the month it is possible that personal relationships have dramatically reshape.Do it with love. Days EN - April 10-12.


Benevolence Society at the beginning of the month is able to turn the head.You will be able to cope with its tasks.Events of the month will show the heights that you deserve, and particularly in their careers.Forecast astrologers about the second half of the month is: have vigorously tackle everyday family problems.The activity of the sun will certainly dramatic in relationships with loved ones.This is an indication that the earlier you too often used their inner circle.Pay special attention to the fact of the emergence of new feelings and get ready for the test of the maturity of your soul. Days EN - April 12-14.


more intricate patterns of situations in your life for a long time did not happen.The only thing that you will have time to have it ask "where we run now?".It will be difficult to single (whom they ask?), But they, too, will be someone to bother.If you can dream so much imagination that easily draws wish, as skillfully mastered the science of combining various affairs and interests.Solar activity can awaken in you craving more power and influence over your head but you can dare only in the last decade of the month.In addition, the event closer to the end of the month will allow you to deeply feel its willingness to rise above the rest of the people, which implies oiled rhythm of everyday life. Days EN - April 14-16.


whole month you will have to deal with the internal expectation of danger.In fact, the surrounding are ready to please you with their success, help decorate and add life to her warmth.But solar activity can increase fear of the future.Therefore, it is desirable to control their violent fantasies.At work and in personal matters, try to keep a low profile.Reducing the intensity of the partnership at the end of the month - a good sign, it's time to just think about every new common tasks.Negotiation and signing of agreements best move in May.EN- Days April 16-18.


attention to your person from the public is very critical - this is the nature of the events of the month.If you wish to receive praise and support, play modesty.The first decade of April will reveal the contradictions in the partnership.Smooth corners of the situation is possible by the transition from words to practice, to commit specific actions: specify old and new points of mutual obligations (except April 4).If you decide to dump the lion's share of these concerns on the partner and can not hide their outrage position depending on the circumstances, be prepared for a crushing rupture of relations.Unusual solar activity multiply your discontent and a desire to end the conflict in one fell swoop.But remember that to break - not to build! Days EN - April 18-20.


script events of the month can be described by the well-known phrase from childhood: "We built and built, and finally built!".The period from 5 to 10 April, in this sense, is indicative: it becomes clear how big "fish pond" you deserve.It is useless to consider the effort futile.To compensate for the dissatisfaction note a surge of creative ideas and the blossoming romance.The second decade of the month can turn you into a very stubborn thing.It is desirable at this time (no more than 2 weeks after the 12th) to abandon collective measures and dispute settlement. Days EN - April 21-23.


fans comedies April the situation will plenty of opportunities to have fun from the heart.People are creative, enthusiastic promotion of new directions, astrologers recommend to the last decade of the month to prepare the theoretical basis of their ideas.The period of solar activity is the most important use to further strengthen credibility in the eyes of their children.Most enthusiastically they respond to the expansion and the overall decoration of the home.The end of the month will take people seriously public warehouse, but their failures - the price paid for the former arrogance.Light the fire of the heart, and then provide you with the fate of a whole range of new opportunities. Days EN - April 23-25.


have a serious choice to make whether the aimless movement of life to develop a clear position development.Events in the period of solar activity forced to think deeply and to make efforts to strengthen relations with the dearest.In the second half of the month, use the chance for successful repair or purchase of real estate.The end of the month will be an indicator of the sincerity of friendship and familiarity links.Emotional protest in response to any disruption of plans is just an error in the calculation of their implementation.But with those who are severely violated consistent course of your affairs, it's time to leave. Days EN - April 25-27.


sure to use the first days of the month for the rest and the accumulation of forces.The events of the first decade will bring unnecessary hectic in relationships with family, friends and neighbors.We'll have a lot of contact and travel, to work with the new information.Therefore it is useful to soberly assess the quality and availability of, in the middle of the month to gently restructure style of interaction in the desired fashion.Since it will be difficult to avoid disputes over money matters are advised to stick to the tactics of the star accumulation.The activity of the moon can cause a quiet rebellion against the authorities, failed career.But "patience and a little effort," just a little bit later. Days EN - 1-3,28 and 29 April.


your closed nature unusually aware of the increased ability to command and conquer.If you have yet to swing slowly, the events in the period of solar activity will give rise to at least to become a banker, the main earner, the information leader of his family.Learn to see common problems multiply useful business contacts, carefully study the information received.On a personal discard stereotypes micromanagement and criticism, while in the second half of the month will achieve stability in all the areas where you expect to have fun.Stars warn against long-distance travel, especially if you are going to abroad.It's not the best time.EN Days - April 3-5.


flowering of your abilities, especially in the field of communication and vision, try to use for humanitarian purposes.There is a danger that your independence and initiative will be wasted on mediocre battle with circumstances prevent you from enjoying life.Try as much as possible, relax.The period of solar activity can be triumphant, if you do not constantly look for clear evidence of this.Then, after the April 14 increased fascination reveal to you any doors.Even those who knock on you would never do not dare.The second decade will sow panic in the hearts of a people who have done a lot of trouble with their promises.Everyone else is time to schedule activities to further strengthen their financial well-being.EN Days - April 5-7.


Whether it is good, when all dreams come true?Perhaps it is so much more interesting to live.According to the forecasts of the astrologer for you in April - the time of disclosure of secrets, lying on the surface, while the specific signs that allow to solve the tangled situation, riddles psychology of others.During the period of solar activity, refrain from turbulent financial activities.Influence of elements can strongly spoil a personal relationship if you do not want to hear a serious and practical objections to their spouse or business partner.In the amorous affections beware bet on passion.Better - to match the vision of the world, even in small details. Days EN - April 8 and 9.

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