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How to teach your child to make friends?

Why is he alone ?

Actually reason why your child is lonely, mozhetbyt few.For example, the feature of the character.While this feature byvaetpolyarnoy that is timid and Tikhonov and shameless "leader" it is difficult to zavestidruzey.Shy demure in their abilities are not sure and do not know chemzainteresovat peers.Unceremoniously "leader" loves all manage diktuyasvoi rules.Moreover, it requires unconditional obedience from others, as a result of children refuse to be friends with him, so it's not to everyone's taste.

Another reason for the loneliness of the child are vneshnieobstoyatelstva - moving to a new location, which is often soprovozhdaetsyaperevodom a new kindergarten.A young child in an unfamiliar kollektivvlitsya easy.

Can the child simply does not know how to make friends - he did not know what friendship is, it can not establish and develop contacts sosverstnikami.In this case, the parent task is nauchitrebenka to understand the importance of having friends.Moreover, the child dol

zhenznat, how to behave with friends.In this case, moralizing conversation nepomogut.Tell your child stories about his girlfriend and friends, watch cartoons with him about the friends, sing a song with him about friendship.

personal example

Priglyanites to their problems, and then solve problemyrebenka.You have a lot of friends?You often meet with them?You have support in difficult times?Eslidruzya you are far in the first place, it is not surprising, since kakrebenku inherited passes parental behavior model.

value of friendship for you to be a guide to action, not a theoretical declaration.If a child will see as Pope svoemutovarischu helps fix anything, Mom comes to visit the hospital zabolevshuyupodrugu grandmother with a friend go to the theater, it is a lesson of friendship usvoithorosho.

Find friends

necessary to begin with the first step - familiarity.Child mozhetbyt and wants to make friends in the garden or on the site with someone, but does not know how to do it.The task of the parent to tell the child how to obraschatsyak boy, but as a girl, if he wants to get to know them.Snachalamozhno organize a game for children that would be interested in them and potomostavit them, let them play together.For example, you can play catch, hide and seek, dodgeball.You can sing along song from the cartoon, play an easy tale flogged (eg "Gingerbread Man").The more a child communicates with the children, the bolsheu a chance to make friends.

All preschool children learn new situatsiyahdeystvovat together to develop communication skills.

invite other children to visit.To do this, you have to be domadolzhny games that you can play two, three.Prepare priyatnyepodarki for children and organize the sweet table.Sami also go to visit.

Going to visit, draw a picture or bake another cake, the child needs to understand that a visit with empty hands do not go.Ask urebenka about his friends.If someone is ill child from friends, sympathizers, if you have success, rejoice.

In all you need to know the measure of friendship as well.Poetomupriuchite child without hysterics and time to leave the house owners.Vnimatelnonablyudayte the child's behavior at a party.

If the game ends with Misha fight and campaign to Lizezakanchivaetsya tears, it is best not to insist on their friendship may potemperamentu children do not fit each other.

Sometimes the opposite happens, your child to someone silnoprivyazalsya, and if he's not there, falls into hysterics, and seeing that priyateligraet with other babies, wildly jealous.In this case, the child sleduetobyasnit that his friend can play with others, nor does it yavlyaetsyapredatelstvom.

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