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How to tie a man's hat spokes?

Knit Men's hats

In this article, we will offer you a scheme that will help link the fashionable hat for your beloved - a hat bag.In it, he will look perfect and always remember you.

So, to tie the hat bag you need to take:

  • Knitting №4.
  • 100 grams of wool yarn

Before knitting needles and yarn, prepare a corresponding size.

Before proceeding to the study of the scheme directly knitting note that the bottom of the cap will be linked rubber 2 * 2, and the body we associate a simple pattern-pigtail.If done carefully, the cap can not be distinguished from lying on the windows of branded stores.On the contrary, it is original and exclusive.


  1. Take needles, yarn and dial 84 loops.

    Measure the circumference of the head and dial your desired number of loops.

  2. Getting knit gum 2x2.For this provyazyvem two facial loops and two backstitches.Adhering to this scheme, knit about 11 cm. Of future caps.Then gradually add the loop start.In total, you need to add 12 loops.It is advisable to distribute them evenly.

    First, you need to knit gum 2x2

  3. At this stage, your hat should reach 12 cm in length.Now you can start knitting crown.
  4. To tie the top of caps you n
    eed to divide it into four sections.At the beginning and end of each provyazyvayte two loops together.Thus, the crown will be gradually narrowed.
  5. Once the spokes on your left 10 stitches, knit all of them two together and pull the rest.

    Dovyazav to the end, you need to gently pull the remaining loop.

  6. The final note - the back seam.

    How to Knit Men

's all hat bag ready for your favorite.If he prefers to flap on the forehead, make it a little otparte iron.On top of can attach pompom, this is especially true among young people today.

few tips

There are a few tips to help you become a skilled worker and associate this truly original cap.

  1. Never do decrease the area too long.To avoid such misunderstandings, make sure that you have correctly removed the head measurements.
  2. Do not gum too narrow.The fact that some do like flap, so the width should be sufficient so that it can be folded in half.Moreover, the purpose of gum - fixing the cap on the head, so it should not be narrower than 4 centimeters.
  3. If you want to make a long pouch at the back, do more additional loops after the gum.However, it should do it gradually and in a few series.

hope you learned to knit a male cap spokes and your gift will be a pleasant surprise to its recipient.

How to tie a man's hat - Video

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