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Wean the child from the hands - but is it worth?

Look - neizbaluy!

Vezdesuschiebabushki-aunt, friend, even pediatricians to assure you that in her arms wearing malysha- crime.And if you do not immediately begin to teach her his ksamostoyatelnosti wearing on his hands, he will soon sit around your neck.Like, rebёnokbudet roll hysteria over and without, and generally manipulate you - budetnastoyaschim capricious monster.

zhedeystvitelnost What?In fact, such statistics on the relationship nosheniyamalysha on his hands and his subsequent behavior, does not exist.People starshegopokoleniya rather give voice to people's common stereotype, and, chaschevsego, according to the principle: "Pasternak?No, not read.But the blame. "Surely they are not nosilisvoih kids constantly on hand, but still say it is bad.Pediatryzhe well versed in sopelki, colic and vaccinations, but it needs to serёznyhpsihologicheskih your kid they know for sure Small yourselves.

results zhesovremennyh studies show that if a child in infancy poluchitdostatochno tactile contact wit

h his mother, then he will grow much more calm, adequate and manageable.Another thing that "manual" kids really bolsheprivyazany to their parents than their "weaning the hands of" peers.For moms, vynuzhdennyhrano give the baby to the nursery and go to work, it can be serёznoyproblemoy.On the other hand, the children's affection is the key to your warm, trusting relationship with your child growing up in the future.

So eslirazlichnye "well-wishers" trying to persuade quickly wean the child from the hands, and you setim internally do not agree, and do not listen to anyone.Declare all of svoёmtvёrdom decision, let them know that only you can decide what is best dlyavashego baby.Try to pay less attention to the extensive advice achasche refer to its parent intuition and the recommendations avtoritetnyhspetsialistov.

Just Nets!

Neredkisituatsii when mom in principle for satisfying all the needs of the baby, but eynastolko physically hard, it is simply banal no strength.That's what pushes eёk thinking about weaning the baby from the arms.In this case, have peresmotretorganizatsiyu domestic life and to redistribute responsibilities in the family.Involve the baby kuhodu relatives, girlfriends, friends.Do not be ashamed to do so, many happily a couple of hours a week, sit with your Mashiko.If there finansovyevozmozhnosti, hire a good babysitter.

also make life easier for mothers to help raznoobraznyeprisposobleniya able to divert attention while the baby.This is a different muzykalnyeigrushki, mobiles, educational mats and special vibrokolybelki.There dazhenovomodnye cot designed to calm babies suffering kolikami.Esli take it all into service, it will be much easier.The main thing is that the baby is distracted and did not feel abandoned and deprived.

No vremenina housework

etokasaetsya Usually mothers with several children, whom no one to help especially at hozyaystvu.Pravda, there is also need to put all the priorities.Acute shortage of time, most likely, is subjective: a little at a modern woman vast economy that requires constant examination.For the same, to prepare a simple lunch, zapihnutbelё in the washing machine and clean up a couple of times a week in an apartment, you need netak much time.

the Advanced mothers would be useful to examine priёmytaym management, attract the family at home, learn polzovatsyaslingom or "kangaroo".Understand your pipsqueak - much more important than any domashnegohozyaystva.And it will not be in your hands forever.Be patient - soon vremenistanet more.

Ranniyvyhod mothers to work

It so happens that the family has financial problems.Mom had to start working early, giving the baby in a manger, as neither free relatives, no money for a babysitter net.Sobstvenno, this is the only situation in which part opravdannodistantsirovanie mother of the baby.

However, does not the fact that this rebёnochku nuzhnobudet deny tactile contact.You just need to have the baby in the first mesyatsevpriuchit to society of different people.Leave it more often with friends, srodstvennikami, go to visit.But those few hours spent with the baby, staraytesnapolnyat for maximum warmth and love.


Actually, it turns out that there are only two ways to wean the baby from the hands.The first method is to switch -nauchit his attention to other points of interest toys, music, even TV.For many parents, this approach is very rezultativen, hotyadlya some - does not work at all.

The second method - just do not pay attention narebёnka.Screams - so be it.Get used to over time.This, however, chaschechrevato opposite effect: a baby, whose need for communication with my mother unsatisfying, becomes nervous, moody, and gives parents bolshieproblemy at an older age.So wean strength, cunning, or otuchatvoobsche - you decide.Listen to your mother's heart - it certainly nepodvedёt.