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The most unusual Christmas traditions

worth noting that the tradition of novogodnihprazdnikov different for all people.Some may seem to us dostatochnoneprivychnymi, unusual, yet one common link is to kazhdoykultury.This expectation of a miracle, which is bound to bring with it nastupayuschiygod.

In some countries, such as Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, are very popular selling underwear of different colors.All because chtokazhdy color has its own symbols.For example, yellow - the color of revenue and profit, and the red - a symbol of love.

But in the Philippines, New Year's Eve at a gala to be stoleobyazatelno round fruit.It is a symbol of prosperity wealth.But the dress should be rastsvetkukrupnogo peas.

symbol of wealth and prosperity in Spain is eaten dyuzhinyvinogradin to the beat of the Christmas chimes.One fight - one grape.Zakazhdy kick taken chimes month of the year, that is, twelve months -dvenadtsat strikes.This tradition is an ancient one.People in the New Year nochvyhodyat the streets of major cities and collectively eat gra

pes, squeezed egopri this wine.

worth mentioning one of the most peculiar novogodnihtraditsy in Scotland.In order to leave all the troubles in the old year on ulitsyvynosyatsya large, flaming fire balls.It is believed that the fire imeetochischayuschee property.Thus, in the new year we have the opportunity to start ssamogo start.The guests can come New Year's Eve, taking butylkuviski.It is believed that the first person who entered the house in the new year brings luck and prosperity ssoboy., Which represents the subject, brought with him.

But with regard to the Christmas divination in Finlyandiiznachitelnoe preference given to molten tin, which vemkost dripping with water.As freezing droplets formed as a specific pattern, pokotoromu and determine what will bring the coming year.If this uzoretakoy element as heart or ring, it is said that this godubudet wedding.Travel promises seen in the pattern of the ship, seen svinyasulit well-being and prosperity.

There is an interesting tradition - incineration in new godchuchela celebrities.This phenomenon extended to Panama.With chuchelamiu their associated problems, troubles, setbacks last year.

Japan has for many years in New prazdnikiorganizovyvaetsya television project, during which the star screens, previously divided into two teams that compete in performance pesen.Otsenku each team give the jury, which includes both professionals iobychnaya public.

desire to leave in the past year, all the hardships, zastavlyaetzhiteley Denmark jumping from their chairs under the chiming clock.It is believed that sprygivanieso chair represents a farewell to the old year, while leaving in nemvse failure, and the transition into the new year, starting with a clean slate.

But in Estonia in New Year's Eve in flux such interesnayatraditsiya, visit the New Year's table seven times.This is due to the fact that the so way one person gets good luck and health, designed dlyasemi people.

very unusual tradition accounts for Chile, where prazdnuyutnovy year together with family members who have left this life, that is, to the cemetery.Zachas to fight chimes opened a cemetery for those wishing to find the magic prazdnikv large and unusual family.

And in the US at the time of the battle of chimes obyazatelnopodarit need to kiss a loved one, or just a friend.This kiss will bring in novomgodu great love and true happiness.

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