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Amber Valentin Yudashkin collection at the Paris Fashion Week

Designer for the second time in his work addresses the topic of amber and attracts the cooperation of the Kaliningrad Amber Plant.Amber Yudashkin said one of the most exciting gems - his countless colors and patterns, allowing the artist to create truly unique items.Paris show Yudashkin, in fact, presented to the public just two collections - clothes and jewelry.The jewelry shown in this time, the amber variety of shades - from a traditional honey-yellow to a rare ivory - frames in blackened gold and silver.

Apparently, Russian fashion designer really interested and inspired solar stone - in the near future, he plans to develop a collection of interior accessories, the design of which will be used amber.As for the show at the Paris week - it was sold out, which shows the interest of professionals and connoisseurs of fashion for Russian designers.

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