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The symbol of the black dragon

What is the nature of a dragon?
Dragon promises a busy life.Should be ready for any change.They can occur in any area of ​​our lives.Black Dragon - a person is very mysterious and extraordinary.On the one hand he is supportive of talented and active people.In these mythical character sees his own reflection, and worthy opponents.During its performance and originality of these citizens will get a decent reward.Those who are powerless or just lazy - will remain with nothing.
Council in 2012 - do not stop halfway, made a move all-in.The wise animal favors those who changes his life as he is more like it.Leave all unnecessary and obsolete in the past.All this applies to all aspects of your life - both personal and professional.Remuneration will follow immediately, and promising new proposals do not keep you waiting.
Clothing in the new year.
occurrences of Black Dragon to be in clothes of certain colors.Drakosha loves the brightness around.Juicy and rich tones are very helpful.Although we should not for

get about the white color, which must be present at least a little.Water Dragon is particularly fond of green and red colors.
What will the Black Dragon?
Well, now move on to the private recommendations.What Dragon Black prepares rabbits, horses and monkeys?
Rat will be successful in all areas of their lives.Professional activities there will be high enough to love front Dragon has also prepared some solid amenities.Work Matters will be resolved without any problems, but it is worth remembering that we should dispose of their moderate spending.Perhaps someone from the new business partners Rats tries to use it.With new acquaintances are also worth to be alert.A special friendship Rat recommend to drive to the Monkey, and Ox dragon.
Bull in the coming year should be a lot and work productively.There may be unforeseen difficulties that lead to conflicts.But if the bull properly distribute the forces, all the conflicts and nuisance could be easily overcome, as well as to enlist the support of new nice people.Bull this year worth more than interact with the rats, Snake and Rooster.
Tiger, alas, in the New Year will be restless.To listen to another's opinion striped or does not follow or treat extremely critical.To avoid losing previously achieved stability, tigers need to refrain from undue risk.This is especially true for new partners and investment.Good partner for Tiger will Dog, Dragon and Horse.
lot of work waiting for this year of the Rabbit.Fluffy Rabbits will begin to worry and worry because of rising volumes.On the other hand, any excessive efforts deserve a decent reward.Especially for rabbits possible good earnings in the coming year.Especially good union Rabbit with a dog or a pig Sheep.
Dragon this year enjoying incredible success.The owner of the year has earned the recognition and respect among his entourage.Any obstacles on the way to his goal ruled out.Optimism and confidence is accompanied by representatives of the mark throughout the year.A new acquaintances and pleasant events in the Dragon posypyutsya in abundance.Dragon can trust Tiger, Monkey or Rat.
Snake this year with bated.The events will be watching from the sidelines.The initiative is alien to her.The working relationship is to take care of all the conflicts and omissions.Although the end of the year promises to be very successful for the Snake.Rooster or Ox Snake help to feel safe, surrounded by care and warmth that it is so necessary.
Horses be pessimistic.Still, confusion and uncertainty in the working moments anyone beat out of the rut.Although horses may well optimize their working moments.To do this, it takes careful planning and organize all further moves.Great companion for the sheep and horses become Tiger.For
Sheep year will stand out quite successful.Although risky, and drastic changes in the life she should refrain.On the way to meet quite a good opportunity to prove himself.Good communication have come with the Sheep born in the Year of the Pig, Horse and Rabbit.
particularly active will Monkey .This is a great time for learning and acquiring new knowledge in all areas of life.Although overwork is not worth it.Rest is necessary to pay more attention not to lose the achieved results.Good communication in monkeys will develop with the Dragon, Tiger and rats.
Happiness Black Dragon Year will bring Rooster .His last, rightly appreciate.It is possible a serious career leap.Rooster this year should be more concerned about health, become more physically active.The family of the Rooster is quite possible addition.But if he is alone, it is likely this is the year to meet the love.Dragon, Snake and Rooster Dog is especially appreciated during this period.For
Dogs this year will be a watershed, for personal and professional success, it will need to seriously fight.At the same time try to avoid various conflicts, not to succumb to stress.Special friends at this moment can become rabbit, tiger, or horse.
calm and pleasant to be held this year for Pigs. Bosses appreciate all the work that has been done before.In family and personal life and everything will be smooth.The best ally for pigs at this time Snake, Dragon and Rabbit.
Despite all the above, we should not forget that the fate of which we prepare symbol Dragon - is quite amenable to correction.Everything will depend on the internal spirit, and the people who are around us.Close can always brighten up all the hardships and losses.But the relationship that you seem empty and meaningless - are best left in the past year, the past.

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