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habit - is the prevailing mode of behavior that takes on the character needs.The habit is caused by skills.That is, a person must first learn how to determine what action, then get the hang of, and only if it can go into a habit.The habit is considered harmful if it can harm the health, development and social adaptation.

And now try to understand the main types of harmful habits of children, the causes and possible remedies.

habit-consolation. These habits include thumb-sucking, sucking objects, biting (nibble) Nails, masturbation, hair pulling and swinging the head or torso.The basis of the appearance of such habits is an unmet need.Most often it is a lack of parental attention, severe adaptation to kindergarten, relocation, divorce of parents, or other stressful situations.Bad habit for the kid becomes a way of calming.And if thumb sucking and nail nibble says more about the lack of attention, masturbation indicates a more serious problem - he becomes a kind of substitute for parental affecti

on and love.

We would like to stay at the habit of thumb sucking.Toddlers up to a year is quite a frequent phenomenon in this regard do not worry, thumb sucking is a manifestation of the sucking reflex, closer to the year when the baby finds a more interesting activities this habit disappears by itself.But if the baby starts sucking his finger close to three years, it speaks of his emotional dissatisfaction.

What to do?

  • Try to understand what exactly was the cause of a bad habit;
  • Distract the child more interesting and colorful lessons, as well as socializing with peers;
  • baby went to bed, be with him until he falls asleep, tell a story or sing a lullaby, gently holding his hand;
  • spends with the child as much as possible.Attention parents - one of the most important children's needs.

What you can not do?

  • Emphasize that the child to a harmful habit.Children often make habitual actions unconsciously, at this level, the habit is likely to take place by itself.If the child is constantly reminded of how bad he does sucks or chews on her finger nails, this habit can be fixed in his mind, and then get rid of it will be much harder;
  • scold, shame and punish the child;
  • trying to get rid of the habit of "grandmother" techniques - spread fingers pepper, bandage and so on. D. The habit - this is a consequence, and need to get rid of the cause, otherwise you are driving into the problem by getting rid of a habit, you run the risk of another;
  • leave a child to fall asleep alone.

habit - a consequence of education. Such habits are characteristic of an aunt at the age of 3-4 years.And to blame for bad manners.Yes, it is, bad manners.If your child is used to a loud slurp, pick your nose in public, talking with his mouth, his hands grabbing cutlet, etc., maybe you missed something out of sight when planted him good manners.Also pay attention to those around him, and of course, yourself, because children take their cue from their elders.

What to do?

  • Nurture a child's "good habits", teach good manners - do not talk while eating, brushing his nose into the sink, chew silently, without emphasizing his bad habits;
  • If a child is behaving uncivilized, tell him about it in a gentle manner and inaudible to others.

What you can not do?

  • shame the child for other people.This does not relieve him of the habit, and you risk losing your child's trust;
  • scold the kid, to use the word "pig" or something like that.Insults only reduce parental authority, try to find a more cultural practices.

Remember that a child, like you, have their opinions, their desires and needs.Want to see your baby happy and free from nasty habits, attitude to the little man with respect, care and love.

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