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An unusual model in the show Giles Deacon in London

Andrej Pejic - almost the first androgyne in the modeling business, which until recently participated in shows like men's and women's collections.Andrew was born in Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina).When he was 8 years old, fleeing the military conflict, left with his family in Melbourne (Australia).

From the age of thirteen young man began to think about sex change, because internally has always felt like a girl.Andrew loved to wear her mother's dress and often imagined himself a dancer.Realize themselves in ballet it is not possible, but dresses young man eventually became a measure on a professional level, so to speak, becoming one of the most famous male model, to shock the audience with their photo shoot in the female form.

Now Andrew became Andrea - full, at least in appearance, a woman.Do not lose it professionally, to change their sex?After all, if earlier it was a way of intrigue, now it's just a woman.The future will tell, but for now the model Andrea Pejic is planning to visit London after

another Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks.