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What will happen to the Virgin in 2014

SHE can say goodbye to their fears and complexes and discover a creative potential.

Under the influence of Pluto and Uranus in this year you can become a passionate and romantic lady, thirsting unusual experiences in relationships, romance novels and temperamental quarrels.In March, allow yourself to accept favors from men and be driven in a circle of friends and acquaintances.In April, your magnetism in communion manifested in full force, causing jealousy on the part of the partner.In April-June unforeseen expenditure on entertainment and a variety of force majeure may spend much of your inventory.From the middle of the summer you will want more and more to be alone with their own thoughts.Do not hesitate to tell people that you need to be alone.It is better to use the time for themselves, to fulfill their deeply personal desires.In times of loneliness, you can deal with their internal problems that prevent you from living a full life.

born from 24 to 31 August.
Due to the high sensitivity, you wi
ll take to heart the problem of those who are dear to you.The need for love is able to push you to make any sacrifice to meet the challenges of the partner.In March and June, you begin to doubt themselves and their decisions.It may be difficult to purify internally and get rid of old and useless.

born from 1 to 10 September.
This year, under the influence of Pluto in you can wake creator.And do not ignore the surge of creative energy.The object of your creativity can become your personal relationship - enjoy the process and create a masterpiece of love.In April-June will scan your entrepreneurial talent.Possible financial losses.To reduce them, try to participate more in patronage.

born from 11 to 22 September.
winter, all that was hidden inside, and you are not happy in the relationship will come out of hiding.This is a good time to clarify things to discuss, resentment and forgiveness farewell to unpromising relationships.In spring and summer you will have a lot of work to improve their financial situation.In the fall you will think about what you need for self-expression, personal activity, to be in unity with the world and not torn particle.

OH will confidently and successfully to advance in society thanks to the support of friends, relatives and secure the rear.

This year you will have a kind of a roller coaster in the partnership.Business cooperation will only benefit from your initiatives.Under the influence of Saturn and Charon in the summer you can lull on the love front.In late summer and early fall due to Mars, you'll be ready to break through even the most robust armor.Fall for you can be a wonderful period for the implementation of financial plans.In December, due to overconfidence and subjectivity may have difficulties in communicating.

born from 24 to 31 August.
winter, you have to think about additional sources of income.In December, increase creativity, but at the same time will increase dissatisfaction.Spring and early summer can undermine your self-confidence.

born from 1 to 10 September .
In the romantic sphere offers changes.Your relationship with your beloved can reach a new level.If you are single, then in March you will have the chance to plunge into all-consuming affair.Since the end of the summer issues of finance may come to the fore.

born from 11 to 22 September.
spring-summer will be for you a kind of a test of entrepreneurial skill and the ability to make money out of nothing.The second half of the year is suitable to be engaged in what the soul desires.

All the changes only for the better
Make sure that your romantic passion was comfortable to those close to you.Learn to respect money and show their entrepreneurial talent.


New emotions
Due to Pluto, Neptune and Uranus you continue to learn all the facets of love and discover new aspects of his personal life, trust life and not be afraid of change, because the only way you can feel the depth and beauty of romance, sex, achieve harmony in the partnership.The winters can be unpredictable finale: you or completely cool off and parted, or choose to be together forever.From March to November, try not to get involved in intrigues and secrets of any order.In July you will feel like you have wings.It will contribute to increasing the White Moon building clean, bright love.The period from late July to early September may be a few "hairy".Your increased need for self-realization makes you assertive behavior with relatives.In the wake of the jealousy you can make nonsense of which later will regret.


did everything together
In the first half year, his home and his own center will bring happiness and satisfaction of the soul.Whatever happens around, but it is at home, you will have a sense of security and confidence in the rear of a bright future.In winter, there may be unforeseen situations with real estate.You may have to change something in a familiar family structure.February, April, October - the months when the friction with her husband on the household help will be key.In the spring you can plan any action to improve housing conditions.The time spent with the children, do not pass in vain.


Strength test
In the first half of the year Jupiter will contribute to the fulfillment of desires.Until mid-July, your house will be open for friends and new acquaintances.In winter, you may have a selfish bickering and some changes in the plans.Winter months will prompt that it is necessary to correct himself.The second half of the year thanks to the White Line will take you to new ways of co-creation and recreation.Maybe talk about the universe and the unknown will lead you to painting or music associated with spiritual themes.In late summer and early autumn is your power of persuasion is very high, so the friends you can hardly refuse - ask what you want.


Keep nervous system
In January and February may come back to haunt old chronic diseases.This can be a problem circulatory vasospasms, convulsion, heart disease and eye.In March and November, your nerves will be strained because of the emergence of different fears, doubts, emotional outbursts.So try not to overload your mind and not focus on the negatives.Eliminate from your diet spicy food and strong drinks, do not overdo watching news and political shows.Try at the end of the day to switch to something positive: favorite music, watching a comedy, playing with children, nature walks, acquaintance with the masterpieces of art.It is necessary to restore proper sleep.April - a month of increased injuries, and in December, try not to risk unnecessarily.

Career and Finance

earn and spend
This year, you need to learn how to earn money with their work and to balance its budget.In the first half of the year due to the influence of Mars, a certain impulsive in dealing with money.You will be inclined to any means to hold on to a place that brings income.Financial success is possible if you act constructively.Due to the retrograde motion of Jupiter in January, February and December impractical to get a job or start new projects.In the winter months it is better to do a revision of their plans, ideas and hopes to make the necessary adjustments.Due to this there will be more chances for implementation in other months of the year.In February, June and October events may occur that will change your attitude to work.You may want to change the place and group of people where you could realize themselves.From late July to early September you can plan and important business trip, to acquire vehicles.