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Rapid weight loss: the secret of canned baby food

Overweight - a global women's issue, which vsestalkivayutsya sooner or later.How to get rid of excess Zhirkov?So slozhnootkazyvat itself in sweets and comply with diet.Because of this mystradaem of excess weight.

particularly difficult to recover after delivery.After lishniekilogrammy speak for themselves.The figure is not the same that it was before.As with etimborotsya?What to do when you have a small child and no one to leave?How to lose weight?Really you have to sit on a strict mono-diet?

Let's consider one of the most popular diets in the world, which has helped many stars of show business.Even Jennifer Enistonpolzovalas data diet.It detskogopitaniya use canned.It is easy to deal with being overweight.Attack?

popular fitness trainer Tracy Anderson razrabatyvaladannuyu diet for yourself to get rid of excess of 20 kilograms, which onanabrala after pregnancy.She was able to lose weight and clean organizmot toxins.The diet has been very effective and popular.Therefore, you must eeprosto try f

or yourself!

Pros and cons of "child" diet

Positive aspects:

  • Jars food is very easy to carry with you if vyotpravlyaetes to work or somewhere else.You can eat at any time of the day you will never hunger, especially jars are compact and lightweight.
  • Variety of baby puree can please.Especially navremya can forget about cooking, so you can take a break from the kitchen tyazhkihhlopot.Just open the jar and we eat!It's simple.
  • small jar - it's just wonderful psihologicheskiyhod.For its small size creates the illusion of a full serving.So chtoorganizm will soon be full.Over time, you can eat a couple of jars of baby food, and you will understand that already sated enough.


  • Not everyone can apply this diet, because it is designed slicing loss kilogram.So if you have blood pressure problems, liver failure, you should hold off on such a diet.It mozhetimet negative consequences.
  • In pyureshke children no salt and spices.And for many etoprosto incredible test of will power, but it is a good alternative strogimdietam.So you can get used to puree, just enjoy the weight loss.
  • There may be problems with the intestines.So in izbezhaniezaporov necessary to use every day of whole raw vegetables and unsweetened fruit.Myrekomenduem sour apples.They will help you with digestion.

Slimming with health

Should I lose weight with the help of baby food?You can not pridumatbolee safe and balanced diet for your body than this.During dietyzhenschina restricts itself to the use of starch, sugar, salt, sweets, fried foods kopchenosteyi.And at that time the person gets all the necessary vitamins imikroelementy.

Modern companies are made in good faith dlyamalyshey food, so you can not worry about the naturalness of canned food.You mozhetekupit puree "Broccoli" and receive the food vitamin PP, E, A, B1, B2 and C, also this aA puree contained large amounts of iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorous, iodine, boron, copper and chromium.

If you take a jar of cabbage, you get valuable vitamins, which are not found in all vegetables.It is best to choose a cauliflower, it most vitamins and vegetable protein.

Squash pyureshka enrich the body of potassium, zinc, sodium, magnesium, and vitamins B, C and E. It can improve kishechnikai clears the body of all adverse substances that could affect the organizmzhenschiny.

Very tasty fruit purees.They diversify your diet.This is a good dessert for you, and most importantly, it was delicious.For example, apple desertikukrepit immune system and saturate the pectin and vitamin C and B.

In stores you can find only high quality productsBaby power.They are all certified and have passed various tests.Companies kotoryevypuskayut baby food, have already gained a reputation for himself perfect!Dlyaizgotovleniya baby food allow only 100% natural products.Puree nesoderzhat a artificial preservatives, flavors, colorants, etc.Takchto diet for infant nutrition is the most useful.

Lose Weight with the baby food

There are a couple options for the diet.The first option would allow pohudetza week 5 kilograms.It requires strict dietary restrictions.From ratsionavy exclude fish, meat, potatoes, pasta.With a strict diet version of women can not eat cereal, juice, curds and sugar.

This is a very interesting option, especially help skinutsrazu 4-5 kg.It is tempting!But it requires a lot of willpower.Woman dolzhnaobladat good health, as it can affect the stomach can podorvatsvoe health.To apply such a diet can be no more than a couple of times a year.

second version of the diet is designed for two weeks.Apply eemozhno every six months.You can use the diet for children's meals, mozhnokushat even biscuits.During the day you can eat no more than 1,100 calories, chtobypohudet.

Sample menu dlya14-day diet

  • morning 100 grams of cottage cheese, a jar of fruit puree, green chaybez sugar.
  • For lunch you can eat a fruit puree.Some predpochitayutzamenit this child curds.Also very tasty and satisfying.
  • At lunch we kushaemmyasnoe puree and juice for children.But it must be without sugar.
  • At lunch at nasfruktovoe mashed potatoes and green tea with cookies.
  • dinner we will have a hearty.We sedaembanochku vegetables, then fruit puree.Then we eat a portion of child tvorozhkas green tea.You can instead of fruit puree, eat meat.If
  • closer to snuvy feel hungry, you can take the fruit puree and herbal teas.

this about will help you navigate the menu.So vymozhete themselves be "pyureshny" diet.It's a great diet.You can kazhdye3-4 hours to eat mashed potatoes and a jar to be fed.Do not forget to drink water vtechenie day.

Enjoy your weight loss!