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Winter diet

winter diet was developed by Russian nutritionists in 2011.Experts noted that the vast majority of diets that are popular among our compatriots, it is not suitable for our climate, especially for the winter season.After all, common diets today were mainly developed by the US, Japanese and Israeli scientists.And the climate in these countries is significantly different from the Russian.That forced the ladies to sit on diets that are based sets of products which are in our area during the cold season is difficult to find.

For example, most diets are invited to use a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits.But on the shelves of supermarkets in the winter we only have "rubber" cucumbers, "plastic" quite tasteless tomatoes and strawberries.And useful in them nothing: no taste, no flavor, no vitamins.Therefore, these products can not be based on diet, if you live in Russia and came to lose weight in the winter.

In addition, the harsh Russian winter, eat some lean lettuce simply dangerous to health.Not for n
othing in our climate are so popular hearty meat soups.But they certainly did not get thin, but caloric intake in the winter has to be still higher than 1200 kcal miserable as fashionable now recommend diets.

Basis winter diet
main principle of the diet in the cold time of the year - to include in the diet of hot dishes.This means that food, based on some apples and lettuce leave for the summer.And now the hot dishes.

also the basis of a balanced diet is a combination of products that will enhance the protective properties of the body and prevent the accumulation of excess body fat.

important role in the winter diet plays and mental attitude.After all, we often cluttered with fat in winter, because we believe that in the cold season, there is need to keep warm.But the state of the organism depends to a large degree on the amount of food eaten, and on its quality.Therefore, you must convince your body that useful and will contribute to a balanced diet as the retention of heat in the body and weight loss.

must remember that winter diet is not designed for rapid weight loss.It involves a slow and orderly shedding weight about 2-3 kg per month.Specialists, nutritionists say it is a decrease in body ideal.Indeed, in this case, the body is not in stress from extremely low supply of nutrients, and thus thrown the weight will come back quickly after stopping the diet.

big plus winter diet is that it does not have very strict food restrictions (prohibited only alcohol and sugar in its pure form), food is quite varied and balanced.It is best to eat a fractional: small portions, but often, 5-6 times a day.In this case, excess body fat will not be formed and you will not feel hunger.

Products for winter diet
choosing products for the winter diet, consider first seasonality and balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

winter we are often in a state of preddepressivnom, feel depressed mood is often not happy.This is largely due to the low solar activity and cold temperatures outside.Raise your mood and help you feel better and triptofin fenillin substances contained in protein foods.These substances contribute to the accelerated production of endorphins ("happy hormone"), which improve mood, relieve the feeling of oppression and control our appetite.Where is the most useful components contained rich protein?The meat of chicken, turkey, fish and seafood, mushrooms, legumes (beans and peas), soybeans, buckwheat, milk, cheese, cottage cheese and eggs.

winter, our body is sorely lacking substance called serotonin.Synthesized it in the sunlight, which in the cold season is very small.We made up for the lack of this substance due to the consumption of various cakes, pastries, chocolates and sweets.But in all of these contained goodies sugar provokes not only the production of serotonin, but excessive accumulation of fat in the body.What to do?Replace simple carbohydrates are harmful to useful complex!Such desired carbohydrates found in greens, vegetables, whole wheat bread, oatmeal.Instead of harmful cakes and chocolates better to include in your diet dried apricots, prunes and raisins.

best source of fat in the winter - vegetable oils.For our region are ideal sunflower, linseed and cedar oil.Also, a lot of good fats found in pumpkin and sunflower seeds, walnuts and pine nuts, hazelnuts and almonds.

winter, perfect drinks are hot herbal teas, dried fruit compotes and frozen berries (black rowan, cranberries), cranberry juice.

Approximate winter diet diet
  • breakfast: boiled egg, toast wholemeal, oat and millet porridge, green tea.
  • Second breakfast: 200 g cottage cheese (not fat-free, but not too fat, ideally - 2-3%) or natural yoghurt.
  • Lunch: beef broth for lean beef with vegetables (carrots, onions, cabbage, beets), 250 grams of boiled buckwheat, 50 grams of sauerkraut.
  • Snack: 2 apple compote of dried fruits.
  • Dinner: boiled cauliflower, 200 g chicken breast (boiled or baked), 200 ml of yogurt.
this Calorie menu - about 1600-1700 kcal.This is lower than the recommended daily rate of energy (2200 kcal), but such calories just perfect for a woman of medium build, who lives in central Russia and wanting to lose weight.

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