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What to wear and how to meet the new 2010?

Of course, this advice should not be followed strictly, but to listen and adopt possible.After all of your clothing depends on your mood and the mood of others.Equally important is your own attitude and demeanor.

Aries Aries, like last year, you should choose the white color in clothes.Maybe it's for the best - do not have to spend money on new clothes.If you want to select the brightness of orange and shades of purple.These colors should bring good luck.White color must configure the rams on the purity of thoughts, positive impact on behavior.Try to curb your aggressiveness and incontinence.


Like Aries you should choose a white dress.Such unanimity of bulls and rams quite rare.Take advantage of this opportunity.Alternatively, you will approach the same purple and orange.In addition, you can dress up in clothes of blue color.The festive mood and relations with others depend entirely on you.


To meet this new year the twins standing in green outfits.But if the red longer suit you, yo

u can select it.On New Year's party you ugotovlena unexpectedly significant role.But do not try to dominate deliberately, everything should be natural.


To improve the internal mood to dress up in the clothes of purple or blue.Even if you happen to trouble, do not look for the culprit among relatives.Do not expect help from others.The mood in the New Year's night is up to you.


to cause surprise among others play in a modest lady.Select blue outfit.And you, too, will be surprised positive reaction of friends and acquaintances on your behavior.It is not necessary to dress up in your favorite a gold and orange.You'll just stand out from the general harmonious state.

Virgo Virgos can be put on a dress of green, red or blue.Better yet, combine them.This year, allows you a lot.You could even say - this is your year.After all, his total number - the number of virgins.Check the laws of numerology.


For instruments no specific recommendations.You have to figure out what color will suit you.The coming year promises to be the most amazing, full of unpredictable events.Libras need to tune into the vibration of heaven.

Scorpio Scorpio the most stringent recommendations.Exceptionally white.Do not go overboard with gold ornaments.And generally refuse colorful clothes.During the festival, forget all the problems, otherwise the mood will be spoiled forever.


achieve harmony in thought and deed archers will wear blue tones.All in a holiday will depend on you.Be careful what you say.Think about each word.Best outfit artificial Christmas tree.Take care of nature.

Capricorn Capricorns should give preference to green.You may find that your wardrobe is practically no green things.This is not surprising.Dont be upset.Hence, it is necessary to take care of his New Year's suit in advance.Do you have a reason to update your wardrobe.

Aquarius Aquarius should pay attention to the clothes of yellow-orange tones.The coming new year brings with it a new relationship, links and contacts.Start new acquaintances can be directly after the fight chimes.The more that people will be drawn to you.And any situation gets an unexpected continuation.


you should choose a white robe.As an option - yellow.The new year promises a lot of light and good events.But this will happen only if you are going to show a good attitude towards the world.Fish is particularly relevant phrase: How to celebrate New Year, so spend it.

If you still can not decide what to wear and how to meet the new 2010, choose clothes purple, blue, or blue.These colors are harmonious for all zodiac signs.Less harmonious orange tones.

But what kind of clothes you would not be dressed, do not forget the main thing.The mood and good luck depends entirely on the individual.Holiday greetings!

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