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Horoscope of compatibility in 2014: who should be friends?

You will notice that getting along with the characters, which ranshechut Do not enmity.Something new.Between you all will be different.From ZelenoyLoshadi in 2014 can expect anything.Some will involve telichnosti who are very annoyed earlier.So that someone is waiting for you in the new year?Where waiting for you friendship and mutually beneficial relationship?


This year you all are drawn into trouble.Think again, you're manipulating people you just can not refuse.Because zavashey carelessness can suffer Cancers, Gemini.

It is best to start a friendship with Capricorn and Taurus.They uvas everything will be fine.They will bring you good luck.You can be friends with them, to work together and build relationships.It awaits you with Taurus love.

Capricorn Capricorn lucky this year, they can "twist" novels sovsemi signs.Love year.You will affect all the people in raznomu.Bliznetsy able to involve you in something bad, so be careful.Budteostorozhny with Cancer and Scorpio.You

can hurt them with their relationships.

Love can happen to a calf.They are dedicated and lyubyaschiesputniki.Office romance can arise with Aries.They are friendly and buduthoroshimi lovers.


Stay away from the Twins.Their behavior will vyvoditvas of themselves, they can cause you trouble.But you have to keep yourself into the hand, not to be broken.Your fate will be closely linked to the Fish and Lion.Onipomogut you with the work.

mutual feelings can arise in Scorpio.It is possible that you will like and representatives of the sign of Leo.We'll have to choose the interna.Select with whom you communicate more interesting.

Fish Fish

realize his dream this year.They are in this pomogutLvy and Aquarius.It is these signs will give warmth and understanding of Pisces.Nawashi will affect the fate of Capricorn.They will help to make an important decision and help vkarernom growth.

balance may initially scare Pisces his crazy ideas.But eslipara survive this, you get a great love union.Lions smogutpredlozhit you passionate and hot romance that will last long.


This year, mutual feelings can be a Capricorn.They pomogutvam work.A friendship is with the Virgin and Taurus.These signs do not give Ovnamsovershit nonsense.These are your bodyguards.Wealth depends on nih.Ot Lions better to stay away from them nothing but trouble.If you build relationships take off, then you will break his heart.After all, these proud creatures like tolkosebya.And so gentle nature about you, not going through this.So take podbok Taurus and forth in search of extraterrestrial adventure!


Business relations will develop with the Virgins.These signs help vosuschestvlenii some crazy ideas.For lovers of all Taurus sumasshedshihbredney.Perhaps even the Virgin rebelled initiative in their hands.Support and mozhnozhdat of cancers.But first representatives of this sign will have to save otnepriyatnostey.

Love to expect from Gemini.We know that the Taurus sign of disagreement with this, but not this year.The horse turned everything upside nagolovu.Esli your heart freely, Gemini will surround you with their love.


This year should avoid friendship and relations with Skorpionom.Oni embroiled in some kind of adventure, from which it will be difficult to get out.Support mozhnozhdat of Sagittarius.They do not get bored.Go with them romanticheskoeputeshestvie and enjoy your holiday in good company.If you okruzhayutRaki, you're in luck.Representatives of this sign will share their wisdom and restraint, will not do anything stupid.


Cancers want of someone to care.Thanks to a stranger odds vysmozhete improve their self-esteem and feel fit.Your podderzhkanuzhna is Scorpio and Gemini.Not worth much to close all perceive.

Rakov waiting fairytale love.You grin luck sVodoleyami and Leo.If you fall in Sagittarius, then all is lost.With these signs you will not come out.They are good companions only for business meetings and Neboli.Invite them to friendship.


Lions too amorous.But this year you can popytatudachu with Pisces.This sign will win your heart.The relationship can arise asshole and Libra.For cancer, you can be the salvation of all kinds of troubles.Budeteih inspiration.You will be a whirlwind romance.

need Stay away from Sagittarius and Aries.They will bring nepriyatnosti.Delovoy alliance awaits you with Aquarius.This sign will help in career development vbuduschem year.


Love waits Virgin with Aries.But if you procrastinate, tomoment will be missed, and the representatives of this sign elude you.Stay podalsheot Libra.They can ruin your relationships with loved ones.

waiting for good cooperation with Taurus.They will help you vkarere.Your alliance will bring money and fame you two.So do not miss svoyshans.Beware of Capricorn, they are very cunning and can make a "bandwagon" as vrabote and in relationships.Be careful.


best to make friends with Capricorn and Taurus.They pomogutvam this year to become happier and will help in some cases.Without them nespravitsya.Love will have to wait from Pisces.With them you can create a strong soyuzdvuh hearts.

Stay away from Dev, they are ready to play a prank.So chtoesli be with them, failure and will attack from all sides.So chtozadumaytes about it.Do you need such a friendship or a relationship?Masochist has nev fashion.


Scorpions will be associated this year with crayfish, both in love and in friendship.They smogutnauchit you something new and discover the world in a new way.Cancers podderzhatvas financially and help with the work.

Love can occur with Aquarius.Do not build Relations with Capricorn.They will break your heart and pull you into financial trouble.So chtovozderzhites from such "love".

Year of the Horse promises to be amorous and beautiful.With neterpeniemzhdu it!