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Business Women's Clothing

So to your costume was your assistant, not a nuisance, you need only perform a few rules.

Subordination.If you want to work in a team, you will have a boss.And colleagues.And an accountant, and a lot of other people, which is usually called a proud word "colleagues."So, in some places it considered improper if you wear more of his boss.Or less of their subordinates.

What allowed the bull, it is not to face Jupiter.And the reverse case: to paraphrase a famous Latin proverb - the element of emancipation in the clothing depends on the position that you do (or want to take).And it does not mean that, for example, a marketing director is free to choose the length of the skirt - just the opposite.Your clothes should reflect the position that you hold in your company.

Feeling corporate party.In order to properly look and feel normal, it is desirable not to shock the team a new suit by Alexander McQueen.Do not fall outside the scope of the organization's price range - a business suit can be expensive, but is

not required to cause stupor half office.

Fabrics .Direct from expensive tweed skirt adjusts to a long and fruitful work, the same skirt, but the atlas offers to have fun with a sequel.The larger your company, and the higher your position, the less synthetics should be in your clothes.But avoid legkomnuschihsya fabrics - by the end of the day you will produce at least inaccurate impression.

Breed - straight or tapered semilying, advanced down the silhouette.The shape - rectangular, triangular (base of the triangle at the top), trapezius (truncated below).Business things are more spacious available than strictly classical.

Colours - usually restrained, monochromatic.For business clothes are best suited dark blue, brown, gray, black, gray and green.Valid and light shades of gray, cream, beige color.Though designers and say that in the office bright shades are permissible without risk.

Accessories - belt, jewelry, watches, handbags.It is necessary, as little revive the image of a business woman.But do not overdo it!Everything must be of the highest quality and it is advisable not to save them.

Spirits .One very reputable image consultant once escaped the following advice: "If you can give up on the work of the spirits!" Apparently, men's ignorance triumphed in the beginning of the professional consultant.Men, because they are all naive to assume that we are by nature smell the freshness of lilies and caramel.So, give up the spirits at work - a sign of bad taste like watered them from head to toe.Nuance is different: the ability to choose the right fragrance for a true business lady.With its strict, "cologne", smell, or a light, unobtrusive.No heavy, sweet, languid, oriental fragrances.No erotica.And remember: the aroma should be felt (slightly, subtly!) From a distance of no more than half, not leaking train hostess for half an hour after she stalked down the hall.

Remember some prejudices!For example, your customers may not realize pantsuits.Who knows, maybe they were brought up in the forties of the last century in the conservative family of the Northern Altai?

absolute taboo : mini, maxi, socks, leggings, T-shirts, shirts, sundresses, sandals, slippers all kinds, shorts, long earrings, huge fake stones, studs, transparent fabrics.

Finally Universal Board : if you are not sure about the selection of clothes, can not be defined, prefer a strict classical, even slightly conservative clothing.

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