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Kids and Sports: how to attach a child

Start with the emotional impact on the child.If, for example, a small couch potato once again reject the offer to ride with you on a bike or roller skates, drive the ball in the yard, do not insist on this.Let sit at home.But when you return, be sure to share your impressions of how you are cool and exciting time spent.Try to keep your story was emotional and colorful.Do not be afraid of exaggerations.You can even a little fib.After all, your goal - to interest and attract the child's attention, and for this all means.

At the age of 10-12 years, boys and girls start to pay attention to their appearance.

They want to look like movie stars and famous people.Use this feature of the age.And when the son or daughter will marvel at the power of Schwarzenegger or sports figure Demi Moore, explain what the artists have achieved such success through perseverance and daily exercise.

If, despite your best efforts, you can not attach the child to the sport, try to use the tactics of the contract.Tell him: "Onc

e a week, you will go to the pool and on Sundays you can play" strategy ".

Deny - just try to understand!

Sometimes modern teenage girls choose those sports that are traditionallyboys engaged in football, hockey and even boxing. Of course, you can understand the bewilderment of parents when a gentle, charming angel tends to be like the boy. However, experts do not recommend to forbid his daughter to do what she likes.

categorically ban you alienate the child fromthemselves.!

The first thing you need to do - to understand why girls like these kinds of sports. The reasons may be different: from problems with their peers to the desire to draw attention to themselves, to prove that she is not like the others.If you can not deal with the problem yourself, contact a professional psychologist. In the first meeting with a specialist come without a child, because sometimes the reason lies in the parents themselves, but rather in their lack of attention or excessive demands.

Leave the child the right to choose

Sometimes parents decide for the child, what sports he'd better do it.You do not think that unwittingly deprive the little man able to disclose fully the talents bestowed upon him by nature.Let him make decisions without your help.After all, a child involved in sports are not for you, or prestige, but primarily for pleasure.

way, psychologists say that the ability to make their own choices in a person brings a sense of responsibility.It does not matter if your child will not be engaged in sequence by a single sport.At this age, he's just looking for something for everyone.And as you know, is the one who looks for.