Christmas Lamb of cotton disks, master class with photos


  • white cardboard;
  • cotton pads;
  • plastic jar (from the cream or of any other product);
  • cocktail tubes white and green;
  • paper velvety black and red;
  • stapler;
  • pink ribbon;
  • bells (2 black and one pink);
  • eyes;
  • masking tape;
  • newspaper;
  • glue "Titan";
  • red gouache;
  • pencil;
  • scissors.

Step by step instructions for the production of lambs of Cotton disk

  1. We put a jar to the cardboard, draw out her pencil.By drawing a line of cardboard cut out a circle and seal the top of the jar.
  2. Now go to the "wool" our lamb from the cotton discs as which we will be performing a neat beautiful flowers.To make their first fastening wheels of 3 pieces using a stapler - centered in the form of a cross.Then collect limb, forming flowers.

    We make sheep wool for the future of cotton disks.

  3. jar is turned upside down and, starting from the bottom, up to half of its fining ready flowers.

    Jar-frame the future of the lamb paste roses cotton discs.

  4. Now, let our hands lamb, for which we need a pair of white cocktail tubules.Trim them so that the place was corrugated fold exactly in the middle (this will handl
    e the elbow).Slightly bend each tube (in the "elbow") and put on one end of the black bell.Adhesively attach the handle to the jar - on the sides closer to the top.
  5. To make the sheep's head, crumpled paper into a ball and wrap his plump masking tape.On one side pasted cotton pad, which will serve as the face.Glue the head to the top of the jar.Of the two discs forming ears folded triangle and fastened them at pomoschisteplera.Finished workpiece ears glued to the head of lamb.Now we go back to the face and eyes glued to him.Of black paper cut out a triangle and glue it on the face of the top down in place of the nose.From red paper cut out a smile and also glue under the nose.

    Form the head and hands of our future lamb wool.

  6. continue paste flowers upper torso lamb.On the ribbon dress pink bell and ribbon itself put on her neck.Now paste flowers and a head, the symbol of the future.
  7. to our lamb from the cotton discs looked particularly romantic, you can give it to her flowers.For this damp red gouache 9 discs, slightly squeeze them dry.Then bonded painted billet 3 pieces stapler and make flowers (the same way as did the flowers for the hair).Green cocktail tube clipped to 8 cm, connect them with flowers and insert into the hands of a bunch of lamb.

This original and very beautiful gift not only will love you or to whom you are going to give, but also the mistress of 2015 year The sheep.