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Diet weight loss for men

difference between the male from the female obesity.

obese male feature is that in most cases it passes through the abdominal type with deposition of fat in the abdomen.In women, obesity is fat deposition occurs more in the area of ​​the thighs and buttocks.Abdominal obesity or central, is considered more dangerous because it can provoke greater diseases such as cerebrovascular disease and stroke, coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction, hypertension, and diabetes.

If a man waist volume equal to the volume of his hips or exceeds it, is the main feature of male abdominal adiposity.Very often it is associated with obesity, disorders of the endocrine system male body substantially to form testosterone (male sex hormone ground).The amount of this hormone to thirty years reaches its peak and then begins to decline gradually, which leads to weight gain.It turns out a kind of vicious circle: the small amount of testosterone leads to an increase in the stock of fat and excess fat, in turn, helps to

reduce testosterone (a substance produced in fat tissue - leptin, blocks production of the hormone).

Over time, this condition leads to the fact that the man in the background of obesity and reducing testosterone may manifest irritability, decreased sexual activity, as well as some problems with sex glands (prostate adenoma, prostatitis).

What should be the diet for men?

Hard diet is not exactly the man needed.After some time, when this diet in the brain center of appetite man is activated as a result it will have appetite.Man throws diet and soon will return all lost, and, adding to the extra kilos.

However, slimming diet is still needed.Need even not so much a diet as control of food calories consumed with taking into account the ongoing exercise.In order to achieve successful weight loss of men, it is recommended to calculate the calorie content of food intake that will meet the physical stress a man, then the calorie each month to reduce 500 calories, until you reach the figure that defines the minimum requirements.For example, for men who are not engaged in active physical labor, this value will be 1500-2000 calories.People who are actively engaged in physical labor, usually not familiar with the problem of excess weight.

to diet was not a burden, it is necessary simply to exclude it from products that contribute to an increase in body fat.Some of these products include fatty meats, fried, smoked, fatty, spicy food, alcohol (especially beer).Under the ban will products such as ice cream, cakes, sodas, although they are much less concerned with men.

is possible and even necessary to use low-fat fish and meat varieties as well as low-fat cottage cheese, cheese, dairy products.Very favorably on the metabolism and digestion of the product as fortified complex carbohydrates: cereals (in the form of oatmeal and buckwheat porridge), vegetables.Fructose and glucose (simple carbohydrates) may be obtained from the fruit.

important to know and what should eat 5-6 times a day, small portions - then there will be a feeling of hunger, and the energy of the gastrointestinal tract is constantly spent for processing food.

cases and emergencies, with less than women.Sometimes an urgent need to lose weight to any day.Especially for these cases, men developed a two-week diet, based on scoring.Every food product corresponds to their number of points.Having used this or that product, it should keep track of its corresponding points.You can not gain more than forty points for the day.As a result, you can lose up to seven kilos in two weeks.

corresponding points for the most common products:

As at 1-point each - 100 grams of boiled fish, meat, poultry, seafood, mushrooms, boiled egg;

5 points - 100 grams of boiled or stewed lentils, beans, soup or vegetable soup (250 ml), 200 grams of cheese, 300 grams of vegetables (fresh, baked, boiled), a cup of yogurt, a small piece of cheese;

10 points - cookies, a medium-sized apple, a piece of bread, a glass of dry wine, 100 grams of a side dish (pasta, potatoes, porridge), a glass of freshly squeezed juice;

20 points - any cake or candy, two tablespoons of jam, a couple of slices of dark chocolate, a tablespoon of butter, two teaspoons of sugar, vegetable oil or mayonnaise.

addition, necessary to use a day and a half to two liters of liquid.It may be pure water or mineral water without gas, herbal or green tea.

And remember that the diet is necessary to men as much as women.

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