Fashion // Accessories

Trendy colors, accessories Spring 2010

Start with your head.A trivial way to get rid of stress with radical hairstyles often end up another problem.It is much more correct to buy in the hearts of her hat.And even if her hat in the "heart"!Go on practical hats and caps.Get a little crazy hat - a bright "tablet" with veil and bouquet of hydrangeas on his head.Of course, few people know how beautiful to wear a hat - it's time to give them all an example.Manners and model can borrow from Dita Von Teese (sexy-field cap with mesh), but you can have Audrey Hepburn (mini helmet + black glasses).One thing is certain: smooth hair is gathered to decorate the hat, which is exactly allow himself to argue with kepoy.

skirt above the rainbow

Appearances wardrobe, by the way, it's time to dilute.As a rule, we fall in love with any particular color or pattern, and the result looks black inside the cabinet or on a shelf with all kinds of T-shirts gathered strips.The new season gives us a chance to change, add bright psychedelic.Lengthy drawings - from t

he scenic spots to rainbow patterns - today decorate dresses, blouses and coats.Start with a cheerful skirt.

Dress: Rules mini

you are not a fan of the mini - such that barely cover.Let reasons known only to you.And yet, it's time to try supershort dress that best designers made the list must have.Kill just a lot of birds.First, instead of a short frill skirt or a dress with a smell - a universal option.Secondly, playful style dress Bond girls will delight the one who sees you in your ideal.And finally - the designer things should entrust the role of home dress.Sverhmini new season prompts a correct idea: a holiday always just where you are.

Fur: plush toy - a fashion accessory

time to reconsider the attitude to fur.Again, not in favor of the Greens.

Shoes: courage accessory

chic shoes and wonderful light boots are essential.As in so many amazing fashion models with a hint of Greek high sandals.Yes - that's for the fall!Luxury drawings weave straps and stunning heels.All this is in contrast with the calm and restrained things fashionable colors, accessories Spring 2010. Enthusiastic accent "cheer" even suit, striving for austerity.

large capacity bag - the subject required.Impractical small handbag - an occasion for mischief.The format of "lipstick and keys" There are many temptations.Add your image to the east-bag pouch or bag-box in large crystals.Fashion is changing the mini formats.Now, evening bags day wear in designer "string bag", as part of the Scottish kilt - bag sporran - take to the party instead of the clutch.

Perfume: secret

Beautiful bottle hides an expensive perfume, able to lift the mood.Find a scent that will resound with you and hide in your purse like "sekretik."Beautiful underwear to support mood.How often as a result of the search of solid (and much-needed) bra you bought a pink or purple?Admit once today no rationality, and go to the magic fitting clothes.Of course, in many light fitting just awful.But do not let this stuff fool you.You hardly going to parade in his underwear in the city, so look for the booth with the effect of the boudoir, where the light is close to the muted in the bedroom.Try on as an experiment generously embroidered grace bra with afroornamentom or shirt in the style of vintage.The purpose of the search: we need a special frame for the diamond.

Gadget: maiden memory and accessory

Let everything be beautiful.Not only dresses, but also the mind.The best is to write ... the stick.The latest trend - flash of silver and gold, which can be worn as jewelry.However, you can wear around your neck and stick toys made of plastic - in the form of a piece of land, for example.In the latter case - for others to enjoy!