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How to choose earrings

First you need to clearly define whether you plan to wear your new earrings day or they need you to complete your evening outfit?

For evening suit long or massive earrings with natural or semi-precious stones (an exception can be made only for expensive branded jewelry) - these earrings are able to add to your charm and luxury together, besides, they are delicious shine in the evening light.But remember, these earrings will look too tacky and out of place in daylight.

sure to consider your face shape when choosing earrings.Here are basic guidelines that will help you to choose the desired shape decoration:

- For a broad face with prominent cheekbones, slim fit, oblong earrings ("tassels"), and visually expand the elongated, narrow face capable of round, massive earrings orclips.

- contraindicated chubby ladies earrings, expanding in diameter (for example, "diamonds", "Star" or "chandelier") and round earrings.

- How to pick up girls earrings with oval and "heart-shaped" indiv

iduals?They should pay attention to the curved shape of earrings and abandon jewelry with clear geometric shapes.At the same time these are the earrings are perfect girls with type of person "triangle".

- Owners of individual square-shaped well suited round earrings, or earrings in the shape of rectangles, but in any case, not squares.

Popular stud earrings fit all, without exception, the main thing to choose earrings in proportion to the size of his ears - "pinks" should not be greater than your earlobes.

color metal, of which the earrings, must necessarily conform to tsvetotipu your skin.As you know, there are two tsvetotipa: "cold" and "warm".If you belong to a group of "cold" tsvetotipa you fit metal gray if the group "warm" - choose the yellow metal.

If you like the earrings in which there are stones, try to choose the color of their eyes.Aventurine perfectly set off the blue eyes and purple amethyst - brown.But remember, that turquoise earrings is contraindicated in girls with pale gray or pale blue eyes shaded by a bright stone, your eyes will seem watery.

Do not forget to consider your age when choosing jewelry.Adults, solid women should opt for the classic earrings made of precious metals.Even if you look younger than their years, and you are not alien to bold experiments in clothing, do not wear jewelry plastic, it is suitable only teenage girls.

Another factor to be taken into account - your height.So a short, petite girl does not fit the long, massive earrings, pendants, which are so impressive look at the tall girl.

Try to Sergi helps to emphasize the advantages of your appearance.Thin chains earrings emphasize the graceful neck, earrings, bright, flashy colors will draw attention to the flawless skin, and earrings made of light materials or with white stones beautifully contrasted with smooth summer tan.

principle of contrast will play in your favor, because correctly matches the color of earrings, contrasting with the color of your hair.Brunettes do not wear earrings of dark colors, but bright colors (such as red) will look very impressive.

Do not buy too cheap earrings, they can be made from low-quality metal that will oxidize in the ears, causing irritation, flaking or even an allergic reaction.Pay attention to the locks earrings - they should easily but securely fastened without damaging the skin, and the lobe of his ear.