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Induction of labor, manual placental abruption

Often, future mother, which was the so-called maternity period, that is, the date of birth Calculated doctor at the hospital meet the following words: "If at the 41 th week did not bring forth - will encourage!" Alas, artificial induction of labor in our medicinehappens all the time. It seems that the diagnosis of post-term pregnancy threatens half of the kids. But let's see, it really is terrible, if after 41 weeks of labor does not begin yourself? What is the danger of prolonged pregnancy is true? The fact is that,when the baby sits up in the stomach longer than it is supposed to nature, he gradually begins a kind of starvation. The placenta, which supplies crumb diet, aging, that is, over time, begin to function worse, because its circulatory system is not designed for a long service life. As a result,the baby may suffer in its development, for example, have problems with the nervous system, and visually looks like a little old man: the skin without grease, dried, "bathing her hands" - as from a long

bath.That is why it is reasonable to ensure that the child was not a bear.

Statistics says
, that among babies born after 41 weeks of pregnancy, are more common crumbs that have suffered in the womb than among those born at 38-41 weeks.However, the statistics - it is said, "the average temperature in the hospital." Quite often, 42 minutes or even 43 weeks are born healthy adorable kids with no signs perenoshennosti. However, in most hospitals still believerule: after 41 weeks should be forced to stimulate labor. Allegedly, "technically mature" child stimulated by birth does not hurt, and the risk perenoshennosti should try to avoid it - play it safe.

Why does not he come out?

It looks quite reasonable as long as we perceive pregnancy and childbirth as an assembly-line production of similar parts.In reality, everything is much more difficult to induce labor, manual placental abruption.The maturity of the fetus - is not only its ability to breathe independently, suck and regulate their body temperature (as usual according to experts).It is also the individual willingness to be born, including the maturity of the nervous system and other measures that will help the baby adapt to life outside the mother's tummy.Why a baby is born early, and the other later?Science, unfortunately, the end could not give an answer to this question.Definitely there is this question of heredity factor: baby repeats the story of the birth of some of their ancestors.

For example, some families with many moms note that, for example, a boy "sitting" longer and get a copy of his father, who was also born in the 42th week. The body of the child requires a longer stay in the womb in order to have something to strengthenand finish. The second factor - is the health of my mother, her psychological state, this factor can change the genetic predisposition in one direction or another. The third factor - a feature of pregnancy. For example, some mothers say that they will give birth, if led an active lifestyleand eat right. Maybe the crumbs that led a healthy life with his mother, quickly prepare to come to this world than his brother, who is "lazy" in the tummy.Accordingly, not all pregnancies that last more than 41 weeks, be sure to be at special risk baby and mother.Competent midwives share belated deliveries into 2 categories: prolonged pregnancy (version physiological norm, for example, women with long menstrual cycles 30-35 days) and true-term pregnancy (when a failure occurs in the formation of the dominant clan).We need to find out what is really going on with my mother and the baby.

Alas, this practice

However, in modern medical practice, in this case too often prescribe birth stimulation indiscriminately.Than it is fraught?

overhang "threat stimulation" injures mother and does not let her live a full life. She was always mentally urges kid thinks about medical interventions, that is in a state of stress.

induction of labor often leads to the further use of medical benefits, that is,cease to be natural childbirth that affects the state of mother and crumbs. Quite often benefits yet do not lead to the timely disclosure of the cervix, then it is necessary to resort to an emergency cesarean section.

induction of labor, manual placental abruption usually start with amniotomy (opening membranes), citing the fact that in this way have a chance to call a generic process, without resorting to a drip. Alas, if the baby was not going to be born, my mother did not prepare the body for childbirth. Therefore amniotomy does not stimulate the onset of labor process, but in most cases the guaranteea lot of stress in mothers (psychologically it is very unpleasant procedure - when a hole is made in the hook sac) leads to a head injury kid (as he cleaned "water cushion").

stimulated much stressoopasnogo childbirth for mother and crumbs, carry a greater risk to the health of both.Stimulation should be carried out only in cases where all of its negative consequences are justified.Not abstract "after the 41 th week to be stimulated," and the state of a particular mother and concrete baby.

traditional obstetrics

famous obstetrician, a scientist, a researcher, a pioneer of natural childbirth Michel Odent is very fond of quoting the eastern parable thateven on the same tree every apple ripens in his term. In the same way each individual child has its own deadline, when it will be ready to be born. We should not rush things, it is better just to watch a particular pregnancy using the available medical facilitiesand techniques of traditional midwifery.

First of all, is a detailed examination of family history as possible. The information that the father or mother of the baby was born later obstetric period to be taken into account.

necessary to closely monitor the perturbation crumbs.If they remain constant in frequency and intensity - is a sign that everything is going well.

Ultrasound scanning.The amount of amniotic fluid is correct?This is a 100% guarantee that the true perenoshennosti not.

Cardiotocographic study evaluates the state of health "overstayers" crumbs and monitors the contractile ability of the uterus.

Doppler study to judge the function of the placenta, the umbilical cord blood flow in the state and to assess the child's condition.

Hormonal study. To determine the diagnostic blood levels of estriol, placentallactogen and progesterone. In true perenashivanie content of these hormones is lower than normal. Also informative indicators of cortisol and alpha-fetoprotein hCG. You can mention amnioscopy (secure method of monitoring the state of amniotic fluid: their color, number, presence in the waters of vernix).

Give your child

As a physician must respond to the information? If signs perenoshennosti not, should not rush things. If there are concerns that a child is suffering, there should be a cesarean section, and not to stress the crumbs, which is quite high when stimulateddelivery.

Due to the stimulation of a considerable part of labor after 41 weeks of extremely difficult to say what percentage of true-term pregnancy would be if medical intervention is not happening.Doctors stimulate childbirth, it appears that the baby in order and write it down to take credit as the prevention of prolonged pregnancy.In fact, it is difficult to assess the effects of such interference.We can only talk about the fact that intervention in the delivery process can not be considered without the need for good.Therefore, if you have the threat of "transfer", try to calmly talk to your doctor about why he finds it necessary to stimulate labor. If this is not because "so it is accepted", and the doctor there are objective reasons to believe that the child is suffering, hasmeaning disagree.However, without a better reason to wait and give the child the opportunity to prepare for the birth as he sees fit.

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