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Postpartum fatigue - a necessary condition of any mother?

Blues baby.

our son last month, he was constantly crying at night, sleep only in his arms.I I fall down, constantly crying, her husband, "Get down dogs' time to look for a child can not.And I dream of only one thing: to sleep!

every fifth mother after childbirth begins one of postpartum crises - the "baby blues."The reason for it - a sharp, literally for hours, changing the hormonal status.Reduced levels of progesterone and estrogen causes fear, oppression and depression, lack of adrenaline leads to a sudden decline of the forces.Lack of sleep, unusual new responsibilities, the establishment of lactation worsen nervous condition.Women may not like what is happening, but to cope with the situation, it can not - need help loved ones."Subcontract" baby mom, husband, girlfriend - and spend precious moments of freedom to dream.Do not rush things: the restoration after childbirth is given 6-8 weeks, but if the pregnancy and birth were complex, this period is not enough.

Do not hesitate to ask your gyne

cologist.The cause of postpartum depression is not "in the head" and hormones, and therefore it is not treated with psychotherapy and medication intake permitted during breastfeeding.Remember that after the birth mother and the child continue to maintain a close relationship.Mom's anxiety and fatigue can not affect the baby: it becomes disturbing breaks to scream, even if nothing disturbs.No matter how difficult, to the baby should be handled calmly and mutual habituation process go faster.

perfect mother.

Before pregnancy, I was fixated on his career, and with the birth of her daughter decided that I will be the best mother in the world.The eldest daughter - 2.5, son - for six months.I have wonderful children, but I shook myself into a housewife.Children dressed, fed, unwashed?And okay.Play with them, read them books have no strength.I've already forgotten, when choosing somewhere on the playground.

birth of a child to a woman - a psychological crisis, akin to gravity adolescence.At a young mother leans realization that her habit, her personal freedom, her professional plans overshadowed.Perfectionist, a woman accustomed to the fact that it is around the first, even more complex: deciding to be "the best mother in the world", it tends to clearly unattainable ideal.There is no perfect mothers, but every mother gives to her child that is good enough for him.On your shoulders immediately laid down a lot of trouble, and you need to reconsider priorities: first, the children, and then you, and only in third place, and the house needs home.In some women, the mere feeling unwelcome "domestication" can cause a breakdown.It is recommended that mothers so as soon as possible to go to work.Changing the type of activity to distract from the sad thoughts and will discharge.And people need to be on the force to keep yourself in shape and take care of yourself.First, better not to go for a full day.Children need to communicate with you, and you need time to get used to the new rhythm of life.

Critique of Pure Reason.

husband came home from work and lay down on the couch, he, you know, worked all day and was tired.And I mean not tired all day messing around with a toddler but still have time to prepare it, and dinner!And he is also blames me to say: I can start.And when I was an engaged, sometimes even if you go to the toilet no power?

Such an attitude on the part of families is unacceptable, but even it should not become an excuse bump into tears or answer rudeness to rudeness.Quietly let them know that you are unpleasant such statements in his address.Try to cheat.Under the pretext of (for example, a visit to the doctor) leave her husband alone with the child at least for a few hours.It is possible that right now he is the first to reflect on how much more difficult to keep up with the crumbs.Man, too, after the birth of the baby is under stress: a couple of months ago, he was the object of your adoration, and now all of your attention is focused on the child.Perhaps the rude behavior - a protective reaction, subconscious attempt to "oust rival" with its own territory.If you have the desire and hope to return the old intimacy, do not skimp on the good words, and she made him jealous affection.

scientific organization of labor.

daughter of my calm, give me sleep, can entertain herself.But I am exhausting shaft homework.What to do in order to save time and effort?

Try to delegate part concerns "mechanical helpers."Yield of dreams to all home units were programmed and operated with a minimum of intervention.Cook the "wholesale" and store for future use.Freeze portions in the freezer vegetables, meat and meat broth (using, for example, molds for ice).Clutter creates unnecessary things, so as much as possible get rid of them flat.Do not feel sorry for curtains, carpets and fluffy toys, after all you have to vacuum them.To constantly reproducing children's clothes Start boxes with lids: first, their contents are not gathering dust, and secondly, to them will require cleaning only raspihivaniya things relevant capacity.In a separate compartment Down trivia destiny is that you can not solve.Come back to this mailbox once a week and sort the contents.If the child is very small, some cases can be done with him in her arms.And then you can connect it to household chores: children find them fun game and willing to participate in them.Watering the flowers, dusting afford even the 1.5-year-old kid.The main thing, do not force the baby to do anything, and give out assistance for the game.You immediately become much easier.

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