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Cesarean section women for and against

In the developed countries of Europe, East and in the US even now there was the fashion for so-called "birth plan" by caesarean section.To a certain date, which together with the parents choose gynecologists and obstetricians, stimulate the onset of labor or a caesarean section.
course, about the outcome of your pregnancy, the decision to accept you, and only you, but still let's examine the pros and cons of both cesarean section and natural childbirth.About

pros caesarean section mentioned above - it's easier than natural childbirth, and the biggest plus: you will not feel the pain of labor.But there is a downside.The fact is that when the child with natural childbirth gradually passes through the birth canal, he thus prepared to atmospheric pressure, lactobacilli acquires mother.These lactobacilli then create a very good barrier against pathogens.

for caesarean section, on the contrary, the child immediately confronted with an unfamiliar environment for him, as well as anesthetic substances in the m
other's blood.As a result, according to statistics, children born by Caesarean section are much more likely than children born naturally, there are respiratory and neurological diseases, such children are much more likely to become allergic.Scientists this fact stipulate that a caesarean section leads to a delay in the development of intestinal microflora, because in disturbed digestion.In addition, because such a rapid transition of the child from one environment to another, his body production of hormones that are responsible for normalization of lung lymph flow, is not as fast as in natural childbirth.For this reason, the crumbs airways do not always manage to get rid of the amniotic fluid, and this may lead to infectious complications.

From the point of view of psychology, there is a compelling theory is that at birth largely determines an individual's life.The fact is that at each stage of the process of labor are put certain personal qualities, such as the ability to overcome difficulties, persistence in achieving their goals, ability and patience to wait, and others.The intervention at birth, at any stage, may impose a stamp on the entire life.
But there are situations when all the arguments "against" Caesarean section should take a back seat.We are talking about situations where natural childbirth is simply impossible, becausemay harm the health of the child and pregnant woman.
to absolute medical indications for cesarean section include such.
1. If there is a detachment of the placenta or when the placenta covers the way out of the uterus (that is at the level of the cervical canal).
2. If the child is not correctly positioned in the uterus.For example, in transverse or oblique position of the fetus.
3. If a pregnant woman is clinically narrow pelvis and the head of the child does not meet the mother's pelvis.Do not worry if you during pregnancy put such diagnosis is more of nothing he says.Will decide everything in the second stage of labor, when it reached the maximum dilatation of the cervix.Then the doctor and see.Will you be able to have a house or have to do surgery.
4. If, during the birth of the child there is a strong hypoxia (as a result of entanglement of umbilical cord around the neck, the mother circulatory disorders and other conditions), and to end birth naturally is too long.
5. If serious eye diseases in the mother.In such cases, if the ophthalmologist prohibits bearing-down period, during which the eyes are talking very large load, it is a direct indication for cesarean.
6. Too pronounced varicose veins genitals mother or severe forms of late toxicosis.
7. When HIV and herpes infections with exacerbations during pregnancy.

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