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Medical female births

majority of women by the end of pregnancy fatigue, and strive as soon as possible to give birth.They are mentally prepared.Moreover, the seven months it is possible to gradually acquire things for the baby toys.The sign, which is guided by a few decades, if not hundreds, however, many now hold superstitious advice.Also actively buying goods for maternity home for the baby and for the mother.All things beforehand formed in the bag, so that when the first signs do not rush through the house and collect the necessary calm and prepared to take the bag with the necessary things and go to the maternity hospital.

very important at the first suspicious symptoms (heaviness in the abdomen, recurrent and minor cramps, lower back pain) for a long time not to delay departure to the maternity hospital.Since no one knows how fast and for how long can begin delivery.Therefore it is necessary fairly quickly freshen up and hit the road.
in the maternity ward at admission to the emergency room you spend the necessary proc
edures and place in the prenatal, if there are no complications.Water, as the battle is also personal time.Initially, the fight is not too painful, but with a decrease in the frequency of repetitions intensified pain.But it is not necessary to be afraid, and to hear stories of girlfriends too.Since the physical characteristics and the sensation of pain in each person is different.For someone, a certain degree of pain is unbearable, and someone else can endure much more.At this point the most correct will distract from the sensation, and thinking about what will happen in an hour or two.Thoughts about a meeting with a small lump which you know so well, but have not seen, will warm the soul.And the time will pass quickly.

most difficult period when attempts to start generic.Ongoing monitoring physician will not allow to miss this moment, and you are taken to the delivery room.And that's where the hard work begins.Discomfort in pain sensation does not focus, the body is tired and wants to sleep, but a great desire to hurry it over, make together and listen to the doctor's instructions.This is very important because obstetricians monitor the state of the mother and know when to push and when to relax.

Well, left behind the pain, the suffering.There was only fatigue.But as soon as you applied to the chest of a small, wrinkled, red man.Everything fades into the background.It remains only a sense of joy and pride, it is your child, your follow-up, your happiness.And there is nothing more beautiful than the eyes that look through the veil of this alien world with fear, a snub nose, which is so much like my father's.Slightly wrinkled handles that snap of my mother's fingers.Much remains to be learned and experience, but it does not matter, when there is a lump of happiness, which gives strength and desire to live.And there is no one in the entire universe dearer than a child who brings a heart.