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Can you give birth after cesarean itself

1. The weight of the baby (the baby should not be too large and heavy, matching the size of the inner pelvis woman).
2. Position crumbs (baby must be in the cephalic presentation).
3. The state of health of the child.
4. The condition and location of the seam (woman show to give birth on their own, if it has only one transverse scar on the uterus in the lower segment).
5. Location of the placenta, which must be outside the uterine scar.
6. Consistency and "age" of the scar (soreness in his area are inadmissible, since the first step must be at least two years).
7. The absence of serious pathologies mothers and multiple births. Re-operation is considered to be more dangerous for the mother thannatural childbirth, due to the increased risk of bleeding. This operation is performed technically a bit more complicated, since the first cesarean could cause pronounced adhesions internal organs. After the second caesarean section increases the risk of complications and spontaneous abortion third pregnancy.
And, of course, a naturalCaesarean birth after the second speech does not go. Children from subsequent successful full-term pregnancies also will be born by surgery: Caesarean section is performed with two and even three scars on the uterus.
Before "empty" the patient in labor, it carefully examined, diagnose the scar, do all kinds of tests and ultrasounds, watching the way the baby feels with himself for CTG (cardiotocography - fetal assessment, based on the detection of heart rate, allowing to identify hypoxia and some other health problems the baby).That is to flow almost perfectly without requiring medical intervention.It is necessary that they started themselves without stimulation to the opening of the cervix gradually passed, generic activity was not weak.Pain is highly undesirable.You've heard about the concept of natural childbirth, which advocates prefer not to interfere in the natural (and even sacred) process of emergence of a new life ... Now you will be able to feel the full sensation of this action - by seeming unreal happiness unspeakable pain to birth.The inadmissibility of medical intervention has objective grounds.For example, the purpose of stimulation, which is often used in ordinary birth, can not be due to lack of absolute confidence in the consistency of the scar.After all, weak labor and is the result of differences seam.So, if deliveries were delayed and crumb suffering, instead of oxytocin a doctor, usually offers mom operation.The use of painkillers
also undesirable because it can hide the picture begins to uterine rupture, as one of its main symptom is pain along the scar on palpation.The delivery is carried CTG-research, monitoring of the general state of mummies.To assess the solvency of the scar using ultrasound.To connect the machine must be CTG recumbency.Mom must try to get comfortable on the side to carry the fight.Preparing to give birth to her second child on their own, you must be aware of the complexity of the upcoming process and be confident.But do not forget about the theory of probability and mentally prepare for the fact that in the event of unforeseen complications the baby can be born by Caesarean section.The most important thing - it is a life and health of mother and baby.And doctors primarily think about it.

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