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Free joint childbirth

at the stage where I can already clocked just unreal, I learned about the joint labor with her husband.My husband and I really trust him when, not afraid of anything.I tried to talk to him gently on the subject.I can not say that he was eager to attend the birth, but also a categorical refusal, I have not heard from him."Well, let him decide for himself" - I decided.
When I was 6 months pregnant, gave birth to her husband's sister.She had a birth partner.Probably chat with this couple is very much influenced the decision of her husband to be with me or not to be in such an important process.

Increasingly, we have to start talking about how he would help me at birth.When the women's clinic began courses in preparation for this sacrament, the husband went to them with me.All the teachers of these courses put my husband as an example.And I was terribly proud of him.
Relatives and friends are very discouraged us from this "crazy undertaking", as they put it."At birth the husband is not the place.""See you a
ll - and throw.""Spoil your sex life forever."And this is not a complete list of horror stories, they are trying to intimidate us.
term I endured a rather, it put me wrong.As a result of childbirth, I started almost two weeks later than the expected date.Then, when it did not believe that I will ever face.

But nobody has ever been pregnant, and I was no exception.One day went into labor.When her husband found out about it, just say that today we are going to walk a lot to the child fell faster.The whole first period of labor we spent on my feet, walking on the street, check out all the necessary things.When the fight went
already very painful, and I was not a force of something to think her husband again rechecked bags for the hospital, everything is in place.Then called a taxi, and we drove to the hospital.
here already, I just do not know what I would have done without it!He completely took over the process of registration.I was not up to answer questions of the nurses on duty.Replied the husband.
He bought all the necessary medicines and supplies that are needed in labor.He plied me some water.He wiped my brow, which rolled just hail.He supervised me to breathe correctly.He helped me to jump on fitball.And, of course, the words supported.

«Honey, can you, I believe in you";"A little bit more, and our miracle will happen to us";"Little, everything will be fine!" - He whispered to me.And I knew that really all is well.It can not be otherwise.And this realization gave me strength.In vain attempts
husband prompted to quit, but he wanted to stay."I did not throw it at such a moment!", - He said.Her husband was breathing with me, I said, when to push and when not to, holding my hand, strongly supported.

daughter was born 2 hours after arriving at the hospital, is healthy and absolutely Kripen'ka.The doctors said that my husband and I gave birth together.What these men who can really be helpful in labor, and not to interfere with, the unit.And my husband in these "units" in the forefront.
What impact on our lives that we had partnership birth?My answer: very united.Another positive point - the husband saw the bear is not easy, and the first time while I was still very hard, took care of almost all the housework and caring for a baby."The first diaper changed his daughter to me!" - He boasts all until now.Yes, and in the sexual life has not changed anything.
I'm not a bit sorry for our joint labor.And for the second child also go together!