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How to start labor pains

mental activity, response to sounds, light - all this prevents laboring woman to relax, to behave as destined by nature.It is in a state of complete peace and privacy expectant mother all processes occur naturally: the hormones themselves quite successfully "led by" birth. If the mother disturb, irritate attract her attention, cause analysis, process of childbirth can significantly slow down. But as you canachieve total relaxation and immersion in the process in terms of the traditional maternity hospital? One option - to be together with a professional midwife who has experience natural childbirth and knows how to behave. Behavior mom in battles like what need her and her baby. Someone takesbizarre postures - it helps to head the crumbs to adjust to the birth canal. Someone sings, someone pleasant to listen to music, to disconnect from the outside world, some pleasant neck massage and sacrum area. Well, if you selected the nursing home you will havethe ability to behave as nature requires.
Nowadays more and more women willingly resorted to epidural anesthesia (it is cauterized in the spine, so you do not feel anything from the waist down).Proponents explain anesthesia, just trying to make childbirth more comfortable, the woman can avoid unnecessary stress and debilitating pain.But opponents argue that the interference with the natural process of a bad effect on birth and formation of the maternal instinct.Anesthesia prevents my mother's body to respond to "requests" the kid, inhibits cervical dilation may prevent timely vain attempts. Often anesthesia leads to what is necessary to apply rodostimuliruyuschih means to help the child to be born without any complications.
Once the cervixthe uterus is fully opened and the baby's head has taken the correct position and form of natural childbirth, begin during the attempts. But pay attention to a very important point for the beginning of attempts needed both conditions, a full disclosure of the cervix is ​​not enough. When the body is mom feels that it is time to babyto be born, attempts occur reflexively, push force is unnecessary. Before vain attempts contractions subside, sometimes laboring women the illusion that suddenly slowed down the process of labor. In fact, this is understandable: the mother is given a little rest before the active stage of labor. Then,she feels a burst of energy, she opened a "second wind."Detachment from the world is gone, my mom wants to take a vertical position, to grab on to something: this is because at the moment the body produces large amounts of adrenaline needed for vigorous action.

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