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How to raise a child's independence?

If you notice that your child attempt to do something, arm yourself with patience and give him the opportunity to prove himself.

How to raise a child's independence?Many parents ask this question.We will help you teach your child independence.

Often children when they are fed, trying to take a spoonful of the parents.Give your child the opportunity to have.Even if you see that the child throws food, do not take his spoon, and in any case, do not scold.Sit and eat with your child.After all, children are totally trying to repeat their parents.

To teach a child to the pot to start familiarize it with the new subject, let touch, play.Take the doll and show your child as she walks to the potty.Also try to observe his behavior.Very often, when children want to use the toilet, they begin to squat.Catch these moments and put on a pot.Try to explain to your child that if he would go to the toilet, his pants will always stay dry.Home stay patient and calm.

To teach a child to dress yourself, buy loose clothing
without fasteners and complex lifts.And the shoes he should have Velcro.With this dress, the child will begin to dress themselves.

If you suddenly see that the child does not get dressed, help him in this.Stand behind him and take his hands in hers.And along with it, start to dress.After that, your baby will be easier to repeat your hand movements.

To a child alone cleaned the toys into place, you have to explain it properly.Instead of the usual words take away the toys, try to explain to him where he should put them.After all, the child just does not understand what you want from him.Tell your child, for example, the yellow car, he put in a box and put the doll on a shelf.So the child will gradually all remember and will clean up their own toys.

teach a child to bed, too, it is not so difficult.Ask him to choose linens.Put always in his room the night light, because some children are afraid to sleep in the dark.Before you put your baby to sleep, let him put to sleep his favorite toy, and then go to bed myself.On and if your child suddenly come into your room at night, do not repulse him, maybe he had a bad dream.

We hope that these tips will help you to properly educate a child's independence.