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What you need to take with you to the hospital

to hospital

In the hospital you will definitely need a passport, health insurance and birth certificate.In addition, if you have contracted with a maternity home, do not forget it.Some hospital
push certain requirements to which documents should be with the woman in labor.Sometimes, the list includes outpatient card and a certificate of analysis, it is worth to take with them and it.
If you go to the hospital, which provides various paid services are not included in your contract, it would be helpful to bring a certain amount of money to solve all possible questions on the spot, without delay.

For myself

Many women think that you need to take to the hospital, but miss many important things.You will need things not only at the time of birth, but a few days after them for discharge.Therefore it is better to consider everything in advance.
essentials - is: soap, cleanser, toothbrush and toothpaste, towels, deodorant, toilet paper, comb, sanitary napkins, and cosmetics that you are used to on a dai
ly basis.
From clothes you might need: nightgown, bathrobe or track suit and slippers, a few changes of underwear, chest pads, clothes for discharge.

for child

sure to take care of the things that may need your baby in the first days of life.For the baby will need more warm and thin diapers, diapers, a pair of bonnets, vests, socks, wet wipes, baby lotion, cotton pads cotton buds, powder and lotion.You may need a small bottle with a pacifier, a heater for it and mix.
to extract usually need vest, 2 diapers, socks, bonnet 2, envelope.Depending on the time of year, it can be added jacket, a blanket.Do not forget about the traditional ribbon of blue or red.


Despite the fact that the hospital has everything you need to mother and baby.Do not be amiss to take something home.For example, the drugs that you take on a daily basis, if any.This can be simply and vitamins.Nice to have a special ointment which prevents cracks on the nipples.These cracks can significantly spoil the first impression of the feeding, so that question is best to decide in advance.
In addition, you may need eye drops, if you wear lenses, zinc ointment for the treatment of diaper rash in a child.
All other medications prescribed by the doctor as needed and buy them in advance is not necessary.


Many homes forgotten little things can create big problems.For example, if the fight drag on or after the birth of your baby will delight you with a long restful sleep, you will simply have nothing to do.So take care of your leisure.Suitable all - Portable DVD-player, laptop, books, knitting.Many mothers regret that the hospital did not take a camera or camcorder.Do not forget about the mobile phone and charging for it - in the first days after the birth you will have to take a lot of congratulations.

When it comes to what to take to the hospital, women are horrified that the volume of items you may need.But in fact, these things are not so much if carefully consider the list and throw out all the excess out of it.In addition, most of the things can bring my husband, relatives or friends after some time after birth.Focus on the time you spend in the hospital.If you must stay there for 5-14 days, then things take longer, if you will be allowed to leave the hospital earlier, much of the above is simply not needed.In any case, full of comfort in hospital walls do not reach, the family idyll, about which you've dreamed of, come with your return from the hospital.

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