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Meadowsweet: recipes application description

meadowsweet: medicinal properties

ulmaria meadowsweet is widely used in medicine, which is caused by the composition of the plant, which includes the tannins, salicylic acid, phenolic compounds, vitamin C, essential oils, the various fatty acids and phenol carbonic acids, catechins and other substances.The root of the herb also has a number of useful trace elements: flavodiny, chalcones, fenoglikozidy.All this together makes the meadowsweet one of the best medicinal plants.It is used as a means of:

  • Tonic;
  • Restorative;
  • Calming;
  • astringent;
  • Wound healing;
  • bactericidal;
  • anthelmintic;
  • antiviral.

Meadowsweet in folk medicine, the properties, particularly the treatment of

By the properties of herbs also applies:

  • Choleretic;
  • helps the liver remove toxins;
  • Relieves headaches;
  • Relieves pain of rheumatism;
  • dilates blood vessels.

Useful properties Filipendulae appreciated both by traditional healers and modern doctors.There are dozens of medical drugs, where a greater or lesser extent, this plant is present.

meadowsweet: recipes of traditional medicine

Recently, the increasing popularity begin to use charges of herbs.One of the main plants providing a broad positive effect on the body - meadowsweet.Not necessarily to buy herbal or separately dried meadowsweet, you can always prepare their own broth tincture or tea.

harvestable grasses can be in summer and autumn.During flowering, mostly zasushivat aboveground part of the plant and the roots in the fall.Storage of dried meadowsweet should not exceed one year, otherwise it will have no positive effect when applied.

Meadowsweet in folk medicine, the use and recipes

Recipe 1: compression of inflammation and to relieve pain

  1. Pour a glass of boiling water 2 tbsp.l.finely chopped root;
  2. Infuse for about an hour in a sealed container (perfect thermos);

Recipe 2: diarrhea

  1. Pour a glass of boiling water 1 tbsp.l.Dry grass root;
  2. Put 10 minutes on a water bath, then press for 2 hours in a sealed manner;
  3. to drink 2 half an hour before meals 3-4 times per day.

Recipe 3: gastritis and other stomach diseases

  1. 50 grams of dried leaves meadowsweet mixed with 20 grams of sugar;
  2. mixture pour 1 liter of vodka and infuse it in a dark, dry place at room temperature for 14-16 days;
  3. Ingest 1 tsp3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.

Treatment of gastritis using Filipendulae

Recipe 4: tea to enhance immunity

  1. Mix hips and meadowsweet 10 to 1;
  2. One teaspoon is enough for a cup of tea.Infuse for half an hour;
  3. Instead of sugar, it is desirable to add the honey.

meadowsweet: contraindications

meadowsweet plant is completely safe, which does not have any significant contraindications.For decades not revealed anything that could adversely affect the body.However, it is recommended to consult your doctor and determine the frequency of use of concoctions to achieve maximum effect.