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Vegetative reproduction houseplants

Reproduction babies-bulbs

right next to the onion-babies grow bulbs.For transplantation should choose the largest of them and put into the substrate.

Reproduction offspring

around the mother plant of the side shoots appear tiny seedlings.If the offspring is quite strong, then using a sharp knife, you can cut close to the main run, and then put in a prepared moist soil.

Reproduction of plants the children (leaf buds)

on the leaves or on their edges formed tiny seedlings, a hair's breadth reminiscent of the mother plant.Typically, a sheet with the generated tiny seedlings and stem length of 3 cm cut and put into the prepared moist soil, so that the sheet lying on the ground.

reproduction processes

At the tip of the long stems formed tiny plants with aerial roots - they must be separated and planted in the ground.

Reproduction layering

Application of the method of vegetative propagation induces the shoots to form roots of the plants with the help of contact with the ground.I

n a small pot leaf node must be pressed into the ground with the help of hairpins.To the roots have developed faster, a little bit can make an incision in the stem where it touches the soil.Potted plants with creeping stems layering endowed by nature.

Propagation by stem cuttings

Stem cutting - is covered with leaves of the stem, which is not yet woody, very soft but it also should not be.The cut should be done about half a centimeter below the knot, the length of the cutting should be 5-10 cm, and stalks should be about 2-4 knots.The lower leaves must be removed, and then put the cutting into the prepared soil or placed in a jar of water.

Reproduction apical cuttings

Reproduction of plants in such a way is to use the top of the stem.It should be cut immediately under a couple of leaves, with the handle, there should be only 2-4 couples.To rooted cutting, it must be put into the soil to a depth of about 2 cm, or placed in a jar of water.

Propagation by leaf cuttings

There are many plants which are capable of developing new plants directly from the leaves.Such houseplants quickly take root, as in the soil and in water.For example, begonia leaf on the back of the large veins must be incised with a knife and then put it on the ground.In order to contact with the ground was on the whole surface of the sheet, it should be strengthened by small stones.In places cuts will roots, and on the surface of the sheet - tiny plantlets.

reproduction parts sheet

Some species of plant roots can even pieces of sheet.To this list should be cut across and put into the prepared moist soil.

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