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Interview with Marina Mogilev

Marina - very thin and deep nature and a true believer, and a keen sense of experiencing any hypocrisy and meanness.Her concern unhealthy processes taking place in our society.Some of them she agreed to talk with the correspondent of the portal "Orthodox Book of Russia."

- Marina, thank you very much for the fact that in its saturated schedule for taking the time to meet.For starters I do not ask the original question, what are you working on now?Starring and public performances play?

- At the moment I do not work in the movie, recently completed shooting the big and now I have a theatrical period.One time I acted in a lot is not always interesting to me material.This is due to many factors, including the material, often I had to choose the best of what I was offered, but it was not something that I wanted to play.Now I have time when I can afford to play what I'm wondering.From film director of interesting proposals I have not received.I am in the waiting period, because it is not more than six mon

ths was shot and badly missed this part of their profession.But in the theater, and I demand that I want to play.Who starred in four antrepriznyh performances.One of them, the play "Rumors" is worthy of inclusion in the record books - it is already 7 years, which is a unique case: usually repertory are short-lived.But whether because our performance has wonderful acting company of which we can only dream of, whether because it is very pretty stuff, but I'm in it for many, many years and enjoy it.

second play called "Vendetta - Babette" - a comedy of village life, showing a model of human relations on the example of Russian heartland.I was always interested to play a colorful village women, and I gladly agreed to take part in this performance.Visually, I find it almost impossible.My mother, seeing this performance, after came backstage and told me: "I understood everything, and you, somewhere?»

third performance of "Lady and the Admiral," directed by Leonid Kulagin was for me a gift of fate.This is a luxury British play about the history of a great love.From our side there was a risk to take it to the formulation, since most of the current Entreprise vulgarized and discredited word.Unfortunately, we are taught the audience to the fact that entreprise - is some kind of mediocre, entertaining and often primitive story with the stars.Therefore, deciding to put a serious tragedy about the wonderful and beautiful love, we are very afraid that the audience is not ready for such material and will not take it.I am extremely pleased that our fears were unfounded.We showed this performance in many cities across Russia, and I see how the audience accepts it.It is a great joy to see firsthand, so profound and deep-thinking people here that they properly understand and feel the serious stuff.

fourth spectacle that we released recently is called "My Big Zebra."This piece of French life, telling the story of the beautiful light, beautiful love, but which has its own philosophy.

- One critic wrote about your game in the play "Lady and Admiral", "Mogilev plays so that should stand next to an ambulance."You are working on the wear on stage, touring with repertory across the country - a way of life brings you satisfaction?

- In spite of all these difficulties, I'm really happy and satisfied with what I'm doing.Alas, it remains a large number of roles that I did not play because of their age and never played.Today I am happy because he is not interested in all the roles.15 years ago I did not have even a question of what the philosophy of the interior carries my stage persona.I reasoned approach to the role and from the perspective: it is interesting to me to play, or not interested.Now I see how great the influence of television and the press on the minds and consciousness of people, as opposed to the cinema and theater.Feeling the impact of what I read or watch, I felt responsible for what I say and I hereby report to the viewer of a particular role.I'm not trying to play the role of the only positive, but it is important that the general concept of history in which there is executed my character was not evil propaganda.Previously, these problems did not worry me, but lately I can not remain indifferent to what ethical and moral effect on the viewer will make a movie or a play with my participation.In many respects, this change was influenced by the fact that I have come to faith in God.

- Many actors complain that faith limits their creativity, puts inhibitions, you touched it, too?

- Yes, touched, for example, in the play "Lady and the Admiral," is a phrase in which Lady Hamilton damns Church.By giving their consent to participate in this production, I insisted that it was removed.Although, as an actress, you know, this phrase is needed within the meaning of, and I will not speak on his own behalf, however, I could not say it.

But it is quite wrong to think that the belief in God binds and restricts creativity, it gives extraordinary opportunities.After all, God is love.I believe that the greatest of all available on the ground - this is love.This is the feeling that makes life, stimulates go ahead, something to do, to do good, bring joy.This is something that is worth living.

If you analyze all that we watch and read today, very few stories about true feelings.All such melkotravchatomu, mixed on a passion and a desire to cash in any way.Most of the media from morning to evening sing the cult of power, money and corruption, and the people - being receptive, and if you ever see what happens exactly, then at some point begins to think differently and do not happen.And it's scary.I am thankful that she gave me the opportunity not only to experience the feeling of love itself, but also to talk about it from the scene.

- you're right - the clock modern man feels the influence of the media, we are treated low-grade transmissions based on spying and discussion of alien life.As a popular person, you feel yourself constantly on "watchful eye" if you have a recipe for how to protect your psyche and the nervous system from the media unceremonious invasion of privacy?

- Alas, in our country is a time when every stupid and dishonest person can write what you like crap and it will publish, no information is checked for plausibility.In the West, to create effective mechanisms to protect the honor and dignity of citizens, even though the same court.In Russia, there is no means of influencing these media, although formally we have courts, but to win them, and most importantly - seriously punish detractors, is almost impossible.We are all well aware that if the newspaper dares to print some stuff about a famous person, so she laid in the budget a certain amount in the event of litigation to hire highly qualified lawyers with which to win the court or to minimize the amount of compensation.So far, in our country there are no laws severely punished for slander and shameless invasion of privacy, we can be indignant, to scream, but no results will not be effective.I try not to keep track of the stuff that I write about.

- But there are many people for whom the gathering of such rumors is the meaning of life!

- I feel sorry for these people.But once such publications and TV programs are published, then they are in demand.Therefore, I believe that the fight against such phenomena is necessary to start with the family.Only the family can raise and direct the person on a particular path.Indeed, in the world around us there are lots of interesting things.The broadcasting schedule of almost all the central channels there are many smart and develop intelligence programs.When viewing the program "Geniuses and clever" I am glad we have some wonderful, well-read and knowledgeable children.So, one thing remains - the right to bring a person to have developed an immunity to all sorts of "yellowness" and the soul was to look smart broadens the mind transfer, read a serious book.Each is saved as you can.

- now conducted a lot of discussion about how to bring up children.Thanks to my mother you got a good upbringing and education, grew up honest and decent man, how, in your opinion, these qualities are valued and in demand now?

- You're right, thanks to my mother, I received a good education.My mother - a stunningly clean and decent man.She is now 60 years old and she never existed and still does not exist bad people.All she felt good and justify any evil.Any negative situation it sees from the position that she was not right infinitely trusts people, despite the fact that most have not lived a life of ease.This attitude to the world and my mother raised me.Therefore, when at age 17 I went out of my mother's wing of the small town of Dubna in the great city of Kiev, where everything was completely different, I had to face many challenges.
With his morals, I did not know and did not understand how I fit into the surrounding life.I had to get a lot of very tangible, "blows to the head."While I have often said to my mother, "Why have you brought me so, and I honesty do this !?" Of course, I was wrong.But it was extremely difficult to adapt to the world, and now I stand painful betrayal, lies, dishonesty, greed.

I can not find for themselves the answer to the question of how to bring up children?It is now a man brought up in accordance with the laws of God is very difficult to be in the surrounding aggressive environment.How to find the line to raise a child an honest and decent man and at the same time to adapt it to the surrounding life ?!While for me the problem is not solvable.But a believer, I hope with God's help to find an answer to this question!

- What are your literary preferences?

- I read a lot of contemporary literature, but few find in it something interesting.In modern literature, in my opinion, it is difficult to combine a serious, global things with contemporary language.Because modern language became very primitive.I prefer to read something that makes me think, helps us to understand and to comprehend something about yourself and about the world.I like reading philosophical literature.As a believer, constantly referring to the Gospel.I take this opportunity to thank the creators of the portal "Orthodox Book", by which I, like many Russian-speaking people have the opportunity to not only learn about new orthodox literature, but also to get acquainted with the news, which does not mention other media.This is a very useful initiative.

- you many years engaged in literary work, your script was filmed very nice and cute film "When you are not looking," tell me, what is writing?

- I am not a professional writer, but today is considered unprofessional not to write.Who wrote all and sundry that I was very upset.I believe that a good, competent way to learn.Rare it is given over to people.

Tale "When you are not looking," I write for myself, it was a rather selfish process to articulate their thoughts, to draw conclusions.And I absolutely did not expect that someday that I wrote, is converted into a movie.And then I showed this story Valeri Todorovski, and he suggested: "Let's try to refine it and to make a picture."I was lucky, though I had no idea that writing the script - a very difficult process.According to the script for the film, which premiered at one of the central TV channels in prime time.There were high ratings, a lot of good reviews, now the audience warmly received when I traveled around the country with first-run.

I must confess that my first viewing of the film was somewhat stressful process, I felt like hard to be a writer, because when you see the finished product, you know that not a few wrote about this a few different all the imagined and yourtexts are not pronounced the way you want it.It was my first, and to date, the only experience of literary creation, brought to its logical end.

I have a lot of ideas, small sketches, short stories, but something big and serious, I do not write.The fact that a few years ago, I wrote a story, even showed her in a popular publishing house, where I was told that is not their specialty.More I will not go, and now the manuscript disappeared somewhere.Therefore, I take up the pen only if I know that my work someone will have to - it will want to print or take it on film.I have no doubt that cope with this work if I have a strong desire or incentive to some activity, I worked doing it, and bring to a victorious outcome.

- Do you have experience in scripting, and try their hand at directing career did not try?

- No, I did not try, but today I fully ripe, to make your own theater project.I have a very interesting, I think, the idea of ​​staging the play.Well it is the fact that this history, on the one hand, simple and straightforward to complex plot, and on the other hand, the deep philosophical and calls for good.In addition, I am sure that this project can be commercialized.For example, the play "The Lady and the Admiral," I was convinced that our audience is tired of stupid razvlekalovki and ready to accept a serious drama.But until his lungs are treated mindless comedies.I hope that with God's help I can find like-minded and able to realize their ideas.

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