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How to fix your posture

First we need to love yourself, self-respect and admiration is for what you are, spreading your shoulders, back and align shall bear thee up above the ground with her head held high.If, however, your appearance or your life is something that does not give you straighten your shoulders, wings and create more complex and difficult, then either get rid of it, you will love and accept him.Let you inspire the love story of the exploits of King Louis XIV and Louise de La Valliere - that it attracted the attention of King limp, it was her gentle swaying while walking so moved by Louis what he did Louise your favorite for many years.

Remember that walking becomes difficult as soon as your stomach gets crowded.But drawn stomach and excesses selected to help you find the ease and harmony swallows deer.If your weight is higher than normal, it is not in a hurry to dump heaviness and heaviness of their steps to be complete.It does not make your fullness of heavy gait and inability to properly rearrange the legs.P

ity though your veins in the legs, because the bulky gait primarily reflected on them.

If your back will at all times remain flat, it ll be already done.The same applies to deployed shoulders: bend your back and fold forward the shoulders of the people who want like to hide something in his soul.You have nothing to hide from strangers, you have fun and open people.On the contrary, you try to show off your perfect bust line and chiseled shoulders, because you - the goddess in you everything is perfect.

bent knees when walking look as if you have aching joints, or you can not walk on his heels.Draw your own conclusions - and straighten the legs.Just do not overdo it, as too straight legs give the impression of affectation.

Finally, the men, of course, stirs gentle swaying her hips when walking.But it should be gentle swaying caused by the fact that the feet are placed in a woman walking in a line.But specially to rock her hips is not: it is vulgar and ugly.

And not nice to keep your hands in your pockets when walking.If you do not know where to put them, then hold the bag with one hand while the other let him free, but does not flourish, swaying to the beat of your steps.

As you can see, the goddess not be too difficult.It is only necessary to take the first step.