What is glamor

But the French, as always, have their own opinion.According to them, the glamor - more behavioral style than the style of dress.For the French have the means to be glamorous sensual beauty, to be seductive.But the representatives of this country believe that, first of all, glamor - it is noticeable that stands out from the crowd, even the weight of the same glamor.

If you delve into the history of this phenomenon, the first representative of the glamor of movie stars can be considered.After all, their clothes have always been the subject of increased attention to the audience.These outfits were discussed, copy, were role models.With the advent of cinema and its stars, the world of glamor stepped to the masses.In the early twenties of the last century was a style vamp.Then, in the thirties, all the ladies tried to get hold of fur stoles, fans made of ostrich feathers.It became mandatory dress with bare shoulders and bare back.In the forties became a role model for Rita Hayworth.Even today, the image of
a woman in an elegant black dress fitting shape, with a deep neckline, with long gloves and a cigarette with an elegant cigarette holder stirs the blood, not only men but also women.This is an image of pure glamor.It was replaced by Elizabeth Taylor and her Kleoptra.This role has made a real revolution in makeup.Bright colors, long eyelashes, the arrow in front of accessories in the Egyptian style - a legacy of the glamorous Cleopatra.But the eighties glamor came from the screen into real life.Live glamorous want to become everything.Luxury villas, expensive clothes, jewelry, estimated Sumy with six or more zeros - all these sweet dreams everyone.The clothes became glasmurnym sexy style - high stiletto heels, super mini skirts, clothing that highlights a beautiful body.

Today's glamor, to our deep regret, is not femininity, and call outrageous, pronounced theatricality of life on display for the public.The sample is considered to be a world of glamor beautiful Paris Hilton.How many imitators it, just do not count.Her antics did not cause condemnation, but rather bring this glamorous girl is growing in popularity.

The world stars of show business glamor was just an obsession, was not the natural.Clothing - an indicator of wealth.On the role of the show painted and hides his inner world so deeply that none of it does not know.Because of this ostentatious glamor this style began to wear a negative connotation.But in real life glamor - style self-confident people, apart from the crowd is not only bright, expensive clothes, but also a rich inner world, their own vision of the surrounding.You can spend millions and go unnoticed.And you can buy a very inexpensive thing to pass and style icon.

What is glamor?Glamour - is a beauty.The beauty of the body, the beauty of the person, but the main beauty of the soul.The beauty and personality.You do not get a copy of someone else.Get him.Everyone is beautiful in their own way.Everyone has their own style.His understanding of glamor.Be glamorous.

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