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What should be in the home medicine cabinet?

basic structure.

If you are thinking about what should be in the home medicine cabinet, then make her start with the most basic and essential drugs and medicines.First of all, the number of acquired drug.Since all medication has a shelf life, it makes no sense to buy them on an industrial scale, especially if some of them you use rarely.Optimally, if the medication will last for 4 - 5 days of intensive use.This period shall be at the rate that the disease does not come on schedule, sometimes they happen during the holidays and weekends, when the doctor can not be called their clinics.

First of all, in the medicine cabinet should be money you need in the emergency relief.In case of burns, fractures, scratches and abrasions always takes about one and the same set of drugs.Be sure to be wool, bandages, some butylki with hydrogen peroxide, a tourniquet to stop the bleeding, iodine, Zelenka, plaster, syringes, scissors and tweezers.From burns enough to have a special ointment panthenol.These funds will he
lp stop the bleeding, disinfect the wound, first aid before the arrival of the doctor.

addition, essential drugs in the medicine cabinet in case of sudden illness.Let's start with painkillers.Most people complain of headache, dental pain, and abdominal pain.Therefore, you need aspirin, no-spa, analgin or ketorol.These drugs will help to quickly remove the pain symptom.But they do not eliminate the cause of the pain, it is necessary to remember and not to postpone the visit to the doctor.

in case of intestinal disorders, you will need laxatives and fixing agents.It can be activated carbon, mezim forte, Linex, or others that you doctor recommends.Nice to have an enema, just in case - sometimes it may need.But it is worth remembering that in acute abdominal pain can not use painkillers, and an urgent need to call an ambulance.Otherwise you remove the pain and guess what it is that you have a headache, it will be very difficult, and it can be life threatening.

next set of drugs - a drug against colds.You will need tsitramon, paracetamol, antibiotics (only on doctor's prescription), pills and cough syrups - also on the recommendation of a physician.Do not be amiss thermometer inhaler pipette several sterile respirators, vitamin C. If children are present, all medicines for them to be issued by prescription, and age appropriate.

more drugs.

What should be in the home medicine cabinet, except for essential medicines?These are drugs that can rarely be needed or those that you use regularly.These may include anti-anxiety drugs, sleeping pills, medicines for chronic diseases that take you on a regular basis, such as medication for diabetics.Here may be hygienic or contraceptives.If you do not have a serious chronic disease, then this set is not stored drugs at hand, if it includes drugs that are needed on a daily basis, it should always be readily available.

How to store?

Keep a first aid kit is simple.Firstly, this would require a box or a box with several compartments.If it's a few boxes, then it makes sense for them to do the inscriptions, so you can understand where some drugs are.Some medications should be stored at room temperature, the other in the fridge - this information is always available in the instructions.And they should be stored in a dark place away from direct sunlight.It is important to keep the instructions to drugs, to always accurately determine the expiry date, indications for use and dosage.Those drugs that you use frequently should be kept in mind the rest, such as bandages and ointment for burns, can be removed in the closet.Many store medications in the bathroom, it's a big mistake, because the drugs can get damp and deteriorate.

All his views on what should be in the home medicine cabinet.But it is undeniable that in addition to the usual medications you use often, it has to be a set of drugs that may be needed in an emergency.If all this is out of stock, you can always be sure that to cope with the first signs of illness or injury before the arrival of the doctor.

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