Astrological forecast for 2010 for the ibex

Capricorn 22.12 - 20.01

Talisman month: almandine.

Favorable days: 21, April 29, 4, 14, May 18.

difficult days: April 25, 2, 9, 16 of May.

Primacy of love, parenting, leisure, hobbies.

Love and Sex for ibex

From 21 to 30 April.April 21 - an auspicious day to communicate with your partner, you can calmly discuss what you had planned.You will have a strong attraction to each other, but in this decade may quarrel sexual violence, will also be difficult to find a compromise between love and freedom.22 and 23 April - not the best days for a romantic encounter.From 1 to 10 May.April 3 and 4 partner, his desires and ideas are important and are close to you so that you can even open his soul, that generally do very often.April 6, avoid talking on material themes, and especially makes no claims to the quality of sex life.From 11 to 20 May.Starting from May 12, it will be much easier to make contact with your chosen one.12, 13 and 14 May - wonderful days for a romantic getaway.May 17-18 bravely start

any important conversation, try to be borne in mind in terms of your partner.May 19-20, will increase interest in sex, but because of the strong emotions the conflicts.

romantic date.Go to the beginning of the meeting in a small esoteric beauty, give his handpicked special talisman to attract good luck, health and vitality.And then, when your talking on the mystical gradually move to more real things - in a restaurant with good food.

Family for ibex

Domestic business this month will not take much of your time, but it is possible that you will want to spend some serious changes at home - ranging from repair of shelves in the kitchen to a complete change of scenery, or evenmove to another apartment.It is best to innovate after 13 May and 10-11 May audited by throwing rubbish.This month you reach full mutual understanding with the children, and they will delight you with their success.If you do not have kids, there is a possibility of their occurrence (at least you finally decide to take this step).Matrimonial matters will have to decide on May 17-18.

Holidays for ibex

Thanks astrological forecast for 2010 for Capricorn zodiac sign representatives of the dream will become more tangible.Long journey this month would be unlikely.But short trips can be a lot.It is best to relax and indulge in entertainment in a society or a loved one to be creative.

place forces.Find the highest point in your town, offering beautiful views.Height will give you a sense of power, significance, and open space around it symbolizes your unlimited possibilities in achieving the goals.

Work and Money for ibex

It is best to be at work was the case the representatives of creative professions, as well as from educators and teachers.After 12 May, all the problems and difficulties in communication will be overcome and establish a flat period.Starting from April 26, you will have the desire to add to his work an element of creativity.15-16 May your creative potential is particularly high.April 26-27 to changes in the professional sphere.With finances is not the best situation, be patient until better times.Very difficult day on May 6 refrain from any transactions and purchases.

Purchase months.Natural shampoo or a whole range of means to care for hair that will improve them and luxurious.

energy and harmony for the ibex

Want to movement and activity.Collect the company and arrange a party.There are pleasant and useful contacts.Allow yourself to soak up the love.Meditation will help find inner harmony.Let a smile lights up your face.Adventure strictly contraindicated.Extremes can have unwanted consequences.

source positive for ibex

Discover your talents, get creative for the soul and give him completely.It can be anything - drawing, music, beadwork, floristry.Sign up for a course where you will find like-minded people and those who are happy to share with you my skills.You can also surprise your loved ones with exquisite culinary specialties, the main thing - do not forget their original decorate.In general, create every second - and a positive outlook on life will be provided to you.

amenities.New beach kit does not interfere.Check that all you have to start the swimming season.

your chosen Capricorn

Love.This is the best time to communicate with your chosen one, as it is set on the most romantic wave that Capricorns are not usually characteristic.The best days for love - May 12-14.In the intimate life, he wants to play the leading role and not too inclined to consider your interests.

Tone for the ibex.In general, he has a good feeling due to the internal rod of discipline and lack of bad habits.May 15-16, there is a risk of overloads on the job, these days, it is desirable to carry out additional measures to improve.Reducing the tone can be observed on April 30 he'd better be alone and catch up on sleep.

Finance for ibex.It is not the time to talk about improving and wait for big profits.Success may be accompanied by representatives of creative professions or those who work with children.It can also receive money as a gift.May 6 refrain from any purchases and financial transactions.Risking money only after May 15.

Work for the ibex
.If your partner about his creative work, that he was waiting for success and satisfaction.Up to 12mA is the probability of failure of cases related to the exchange of information, after the situation will improve.

Friends for ibex.Connect with your friends plays an important role in his life.Older, experienced and wise today have an important impact on his personal development, communication with such people contributes to great changes in his outlook.

Leisure ibex.All his spare time, he wants to spend with you, and it is important - filled vacation interesting things.To share his enthusiasm.

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