Astrological forecast for 2010 for the Lions

ASTROPROGNOZ with 21.04 on 20.05

Leo 23.07 - 23.08

Talisman month: yellow topaz.

Favorable days: April 23, 3, 8, 18 of May.

difficult days: 21, 28 April 14 May 20.

priority interests: professional development.

Love and Sex for lions

From 21 to 30 April.April 22, you risk running into the conflict through their own fault, it is better not to take the initiative.April 23 beginning of the conflict can turn into a long standoff for the whole day.The following days the situation smoothed out.The best time for a romantic rendezvous - on 30 April.From 1 to 10 May.

May 1, despite the overall tense situation and the desire to dictate the conditions, you can relax and feel loved.

May 6 to avoid a quarrel with her beloved, do not try to sort things out.May 7-8, auspicious days for sexual relations.May 9, avoid talking with your partner on the material issues.From 11 to 20 May.

Starting May 12, all will be easier, and you - particularly.15 May your activity will finally constructive, and you will

no longer pose as a "commander of family."May 15-17 - special days when you see a new look at your relationship that way, just notice your partner.May 19-20, again you need to keep yourself in their hands, there is a risk of conflict.

romantic date.Your energy demands the immediate release during the astrological forecast for the Lions in 2010, so the meeting can start on the sports show or stadium where there is an opportunity to shout out loud.And further, in the nightclub, the main thing - the music was loud and the lights - bright.

Family for lions

consequence of your hyperactivity will be that you will not easily find a common language with your family members.Coming expenses connected with the house.Favorable days for family communication - April 28 and 29, but it is possible that in the conversation again any contradiction between your career and family responsibilities.April 30 and May 1 is especially dedicated to children - arrange a small celebration.2 May be objective in relation to the child, try not to disrupt their emotions on it.May 5 is ideal for discussing important issues with her husband, and on May 6, you run the risk of provoking a conflict.

Activities for Lions

this month when the job will require you a lot of time and effort, try to use every spare moment to good use, often to be outdoors and more sports.For a short trip will suit April 26 and 27, you can start a long journey on May 10-11.

place forces.Spend a festive day with the whole family in the park of culture and recreation.Go into the room laughing.This will give you a lot of energy, because long been proven that laughter prolongs life.

Work and Money for lions

until May 12, your career will be the preparatory processes will have to return to the past experience, but after everything goes much faster and in the right direction.Remember, this month - largely addressed and on your personal activity will depend on the success.It is an important day for the career - May 14, likely dramatic change for the better.May 3-4, you can alter stress-free a lot of routine work.The financial situation is stable, but need to show more of practicality and economy, investing only in the most necessary.

Purchase months.Beautiful bed linen - let the night will be even more beautiful than the day!

energy and harmony for the lions

urgently to the gym!Put all the energy and zeal in athletic performance.I would like movement and activity.Now you can do anything.The main thing - to feel the best of their ability.

can go on a trip.Remote countries are waiting for you, buy.Give up bad habits.Take care of health and inner harmony.

source positive for lions

Have you ever wondered why some people achieve so much in life?The thing is properly formulated vital task.Put as much as possible more ambitious targets - and of course he wants.So you will be able to improve their self-esteem and develop a sustainable positive attitude towards life.Having conquered the top of another - professional, life, personally, do not forget to praise yourself, emphasizing all its advantages and strengths.If you bother to be nice, it is not bragging.

amenities.Decoration and set with semiprecious stones.

your chosen lion

Love.To communicate with loved ones in this month will not be easy.He's just not able to hear someone else's opinion except his own.Your Leo set active, determined, sometimes even aggressively, forgetting that women need warmth and affection.Be patient, everything will change soon.

Tone for lions
.He's in great shape.Any turmoil and conflict, on the contrary, make it possible to feel the force of its own.Go on a diet and lifestyle change can be a healthy 24-25 April, 3-4 May - to begin a series of sporting events, the best kinds of power to throw out the excess aggression.

Finance for lions.The financial situation will be a bit more tense than last month, but for a serious long-term projects have enough money, it will be difficult to find the funds only for fun and entertainment.To take risks and make transactions with other people's money can be May 8th.

Work for lions
.This month is very important for his professional advancement, career, business development, especially after May 12.May 14 is likely to be the final decision on promotions, or change jobs more decent.The routine does not threaten him.

Friends for Lions
.Until May 12, chatting with friends will be difficult for various reasons.15 and 16 May, you can gather your friends at home, however, will require meeting the additional costs that it is difficult for him.But there is an opportunity to constructively discuss the case with his friend and business career.

Leisure lions.Free time is best to devote active recreation, sports, walks around town or visits to nature.Long journeys can only hinder the financial constraints.

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