A person born in the Year of the Goat

constant dissatisfaction with their lot repels goats from her people, but the goat loves and requires that spared her and comforted, even if it is not required.It is capricious, often bored around her whims, because it puts them above all else.Goat likes to dominate men with their whims and mood swings, although she would never recognize and will consider themselves unfortunate and disadvantaged fate.

Goat always late, its discipline is poor.It sometimes just unbearable, but then her boundless charm.When it is needed, so the goat is able to captivate a man, that he would be in her power, and will do all that she wants from him.And that makes it exclusively by means of its charm.

Goat likes to live at the expense of others, for it is in the nature of things, it can adapt to any conditions, just to ensure her safety.

person born in the Year of the Goat is often pampered childhood.Both women and men of the year characterized by qualities such as shyness and femininity.Goat often complains of others and

likes to sympathize with her.She likes to be the center of the general debate, like when discussing her and her unhappiness.

Goat - the identity wavering, she needs a companion or friend who would always take decisions for her or pushed to the selection.She can never define yourself what direction her to choose from this pessimistic.

person born in the Year of the Goat has good manners, he is polite and gentle with others.Goat enjoys all mystical and supernatural.She reads and believes in horoscopes, fortune-telling to predict and may be engaged in a guessing myself and earn a lot of money on it.

Goat generous, she had no delusions of hoarding, she likes to spend itself and willingly gives money to others, and does it selflessly, and often for free.Therefore, the goat is considered a good and sweet.Goat does not have a sense of ownership, does not accept it from others.She may share the things that do not belong to her.

Goat knowledge of life, her life and happiness, respectively, dependent on other people.Therefore, it is necessary to carefully choose their environment to be happy and carefree.

However, goat and sometimes terribly irresponsible limp.The lack of personal initiative makes it sometimes uninteresting to others.It will never be a leader in the company, she would never have to assume leadership positions and command.She herself need guidance.She was born to obey.If the goat will come good influence from the outside, it can succeed in the arts.In goats impeccable taste and undeniable talent.It will be a first-class specialist, because the gift is able to combine artistic and technical skills.The main thing that was next to her faithful mentor and leader.

female goat dreams of marriage from early youth.Marriage for her - a secure, stable, rich life.She chooses a rich husband, seeks to maximize a comfortable life.

Kose should not bind their lives with commerce.Sold out of it useless.She is best to link their lives with art, design, scene, style, fashion.When a bad twist of fate, the goat may commit suicide because they do not know how to cope with the difficulties and troubles alone.

goats love life boils and seethes passions.She is fickle, wind, has numerous amorous adventures throughout life.

His life goat is best to link with a cat, a pig or a horse that can make life comfortable and cozy goats.The cat will have fun watching the vagaries goats, pigs remain indifferent to them, and the horse will increasingly worry their problems.

All other marks are unlikely character will make a goat, because it requires too much in return in family life and give myself a little.A goat and a dog all my life to be unhappy with each other and with their lives, their joint alliance will be a sad and boring.

If goats in life there are good friends and advisers, its life will be happy and carefree for all three phases of life.

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