People born in the Year of the Horse

However, the horse lives tumultuous social and cultural life: she likes to go to the theater, exhibitions, concerts.It organizes public meetings and rallies helpful.The horse likes to mass gatherings, she - the star parties.

horse since childhood loves sports.Often the horse becomes successful in the sport if they engaged in since childhood.

People born in the year of the horse, like gossip, empty talk to them - the best pastime.The horse a lot of friends, because she is beautiful, pretty, cheerful and good-natured.

biggest success in the career of a horse waiting for politicians, public figures.Manage people it gives it very easy - people do not resist an unobtrusive horse power.If the horse runs the company, with the staff she often speaks at the same level.Whatever worked the horse she will be able to shine all their talents and knowledge.Horse grasp everything on the fly, she has developed a great memory and imagination.Horse not only reflects, she is able to work hard.Physical work does not tire

the horse, but on the contrary, brings her pleasure.She is strong, agile and full of faith in their own strength.Therefore, the horse is the envy of others.

For all its positive qualities, the horse has a stormy temperament.Oriental sages say that people born in the year of the horse are boiling the blood in my veins.Therefore, the horse is prone to sudden outbursts of anger, it is easy to deduce from itself.Because of their incontinence horse often loses something to strive for a long time.Those who have seen a horse in anger, usually turn away from her for a long time or not at all stop talking to her.Anger horses perish, it can greatly hurt a man in a temper, hurting its sickest and weakest sides.The horse should look after themselves, to suppress their own unbridled character, not to hurt other people and their careers.

In fact, the horse - the sign of selfish eastern calendar.Those who go against it or in spite of it, in danger of being trampled under its powerful hooves.Horse sweeps away everything that will be on its way without regret.Horse little concern other people's problems, it can patiently listen to a man, and even to give him advice, but after half an hour she completely forget about the conversation with him, because she was not interested in anyone's problems than their own.Horse with young children become independent, rarely uses other people's advice, it is better to stick to their own thoughts and experiences.It would be better if the horse will leave the parental home early and begin to live their own lives.Most horses do it, because they suppress the parental controls.

create their own family, the horse will do everything possible to her house was full cup to the family there was peace and harmony.It will be the head of the family, regardless of their sex.Everyone in the house will revolve around the horse and its problems.But she truly becomes the guardian angel and his family.If she leaves, the family home is destroyed in an instant.Even if the horse is away from home for a few days, everything in the house upside down, gets up, order and peace are violated.

Despite the fact that everything in his life horse does mainly for themselves the fruits of her labor are many.Horse - truly a workaholic, it attracts money, lucky in handling finances.The negative quality of horses - she can refuse the business started in the worst possible time, because sometimes it bothers monotonous occupation.Subsequently, she can return to started with redoubled zeal.

choosing a profession, the horse should be guided by the fact that it was connected with people.Sociable horse can not long be alone without public support and praise.

As for love, it is probably the weakest aspect of equine nature.People born in the year of the horse, like, become weak and weak-willed.Favorite horse forgives all, even betrayal and treason.For the love she can give up everything dear to her.Falling in love with the horse given to his love without reserve, horse passion sometimes so great that she forgets about work, about everything, so love can become a destructive force in the life of the horse.Sometimes a horse bridle their passions will power, then everything is back in her life to their seats.If the horse will live not in heart and mind, then it will be very happy in life.

Horses best associate life with a goat, they will be inseparable and in sorrow and in joy.The goat will be able to curb the selfishness even horses.Chance of Union horse and dog.The dog will live my personal life, it will be a little selfish to worry horse and its impermanence.It is not necessary to build a family horse with a rat, such an alliance would be very dramatic.

young horses will be full of various events, starting from the time it leaves his father's house.It will be a storm of feelings and life - rich.Also, the second phase will take place and the life of the horse.And the final phase will be a quiet life.

every sixty years is the year of fiery horses: 1966, 2026. People born in the year of the fire horse, have a terrible power: they turn good into evil, or vice versa.Years fiery horse unfavorable for horses and her family, it is time for people of this sign afflict all sorts of misfortune, accidents, misfortunes.

character of people born in the year of the fire horse, the same as a normal horse, only reinforced: they are more proud, more selfish, more sociable, more passionate.The life of a fiery horse is exceptional, full of events and unexpected turns.Fire Horse can easily become a celebrity, incurring the masses or good or evil.

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