Meaning of numbers in a person's life

Have you even once ever about the significance of the numbers in a person's life, on the significance of the numbers in our life? .. What is hidden in ordinary unpretentious tsiferki?And why all the encoding performed by means of numbers?In fact, no wonder there is a whole science of numerology, which studies the influence of numbers on our lives with you.Let us try to understand the basics of the theory of numbers.

Although numerology and gained a lot of popularity recently, this science was born back in ancient times.Previously, people used not only for the number of accounts, but also as a way to communicate with each other.

value of each number can be divided into three types:

  1. possibilities - the value of service to others in the area, the implementation of their own talents, self-realization.
  2. tendencies and talents - the value of in business, career and personal growth.
  3. Human relations - the value for the number of family relations, marriage, health, "weak" and "strong" side of the human per

Numerology identifies nine key numbers and each number relates to the impact on human life.That is, each person has their own number, directly affecting his personal life.

consider nine major numbers and their significance.

Unit (1) - this number includes the concept of a sole, "Ego", that is, I am one.This concept of exclusivity, separating themselves from others.If the events in your life are often intertwined with that number, you should overcome selfishness and arrogance, to work on these qualities that they are not predominant in your life.

Couple (2) - manifested in the form of a harmonious relationship of man and woman, unity relations.Part of the "two" in your life say that your life is always accompanied by a faithful companion with whom you all and all is one and decide together.

Three, Spirituality (3) - the number comes from the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, Holy Spirit.The creation of the two gives rise to the third or the third.If your life is dominated by three, it means that you are striving for creativity, union with God, to the harmony of body and soul.

Four or material benefits (4) - earth life.The predominance of the number "four" in life shows the desire to earn more money, material goods, enriching, most take home and domestic issues.

Five (5) - Badge!The predominance of life fives says about your good luck, the harmony of the material and spiritual, that in your life everything is fine and calm.

Six (6) - this number is negative.If your life a lot of sixes, it speaks about the predominance of rage and anger, pride and irritability.Holders of sixes should reconsider his life, to stimulate the flow of positive numbers.

Seven (7) - a manifestation of harmony, luck, luck in life, the positive side of existence, the spiritual to the material projection.

Eight (8) - the number of infinity, which always increases the effects of other numbers.The prevalence of life in the eights says that you strive to develop at infinity, trying to understand the laws of the universe and of life moving in the right direction.

Nine (9) - the ideal number, in other words, "God, Ideal, welcome."In life, it is the number of grace and divine love, peace and tranquility.Nine predominate in the life of a happy man who lives with God, in accord and harmony.

Thus, it is clear that we have in life is accompanied not just numbers, but the signs of destiny, which can and should be used.Understanding the laws of numerology, you can adjust and correct many situations in life, guided by the influence of the characters in his work.

value of numbers in a person's life is difficult to overestimate, because even the first name and surname are encoded with the appropriate numbers, deciphering who can understand the destiny of man.In other words, the number of - a mirror image of the inner state of a person, tip the right direction of development.Learn to understand numbers, you can make them loyal friends and companions of life.