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How to read the cards

How to read the cards?This question is asked by beginners fortune teller, someone finds an answer.And someone removes the cards away and never to touch him no longer, and doing the right thing.Although it is a private matter, if your faith does not allow you to guess, then it is better not worth starting.But, since you have decided, then be very careful and choosy.For fortuneteller three important rules:

  1. «Do not lie!" Do not deliberately lie, if the information is not, or is negative, do not distort the value of his cards intentionally some meaning.

  2. «Do not prophesy!" For each there is a fortune-teller "code" which it must comply.You can not inspire the person that he has only one way out, you can outline it all setting cases, and he himself will choose the right thing as he.

  3. «not to assign prices!" You can not demand payment for their services, you need to live by the rules "and how many will thank you for it!".If you're set to take monetary compensation, your foresight can simply "take awa


There are rules, and for the client, you can tell the client to divination.

  1. «The main thing to believe!" Do not make a visit to your entertainment.Handle only when it is really vital.

  2. «no thanks!" No one does not remember where he went this custom, but it strictly comply with all predictors.It is believed that with a thank you can "touch wood", and cause some forces that prevent the correct result of divination.

  3. «Reward much as he can!" Client after divination should put unnoticed money on the table.And no matter how much money it will be a predictor of any amount should be happy.

old fortune teller advised not to speculate in the two cases.When she asked to tell fortunes the one on whom depends, and who thinks of life and health.

In the first case it is better not to guess.In the latter case, do not predict the outcome of death and heavy, but tactfully bring Gad to possible events.

What cards to tell the truth?Maps above all it is a sign system, as you learned to read books on letters and cards they too should start to read the signs.In order to understand the language of the map, we must have the patience and desire, as well as learning any other language.If you find it very difficult, you think of the Japanese as difficult for us to understand their characters and they quietly talking, reading on his Japanese.

What cards the most correct?All cards have their specific property, tarot cards, for example, are at a philosophical sense.An ordinary deck of playing cards are convenient for quick and clear answer to the question.You can take a deck of 52 cards, 36 cards, 32 cards and 21 cards.You can not take a card on which the play is generally better to buy a new deck of cards and keep them to yourself, so that no one touched them and did not give them their energy.If you do not comply then the card might stop you "talk".

During divination fortuneteller shuffles the cards, gives podsnyat guess.Some fortune tellers.Using tarot cards, choose cards drawn with their own hands.They are always with me, and even at night placed under the pillow.It helps a fortune to keep in touch with their cards.

preferred guess at the full moon to find out what time the correct guess, you have to learn how to use the lunar calendar.If you rely on the judgments of astrologers, and should take into account the state of the body in times of passing the moon signs of the zodiac.Listening to the advice of the lunar calendar and the opinion of an astrologer, you can choose the time when and where you guess.Over time, you will be able to determine when the cards you more talkative.

Note the maximum value of a simplified interpretation of colors and individual maps.

Hearts - love, joy, happiness.

Diamonds - money, writing, "paper" work.

clubs - breech suit.(Ace of Clubs - government house)

Peaks - all sorts of troubles.

Aces (except peak) - means the house of the king, or the ladies.Ace of Spades - kick, funk, big trouble.

kings and queens of clubs, hearts and diamonds represent the men and women at the same clubs - brunettes and brown-haired, Bubi - blondes, worms - brown hair.King of spades - the military.

Jacks of any suit - trouble.Jack Peak - empty worries.

Dozens - interest.Ten diamonds - money.Ten peak - surprise.

Nine any suit other than spades - Love, peak nine - disease.

Eight - conversation ( eight peak - unpleasant conversation)

Seven - date, peak -slezy.

Six - road.Six peak - road driving or later.

Of particular importance is the combination of cards.If you lost all the diamonds, reptile waiting wealth, all hearts - love and happiness, all the clubs - a promotion, all the peaks - failure.

Four aces - fulfillment of desires

Four King - «big society»

Four ladies - success with women for men, women gossip.

Four Jacks - big trouble

four dozen - full respect for the interests of Gad

four sixes - success in achieving the goal.

It's very simple, the main thing to understand all and you will become a good fortune-teller.For starters, try their hand at the simplest scenario.

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