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Breastfeeding during pregnancy

This means that, after leaving the womb, the baby still need to feel you one.So breast-feeding a baby - a natural and healthy.Trust yourself!How to learn about the basics of breastfeeding, help article on "Breastfeeding during pregnancy."

After birth the baby had immediately turned on the search reflex.He's trying to crawl through my mother's belly in search of the nipple.And if it is attached to the breast at this point, the lactating usually no problems: everything happens just the way nature intended.In your brain activates the so-called gestational dominant: all your hormonal system begins to operate in the mode of production of milk.But do not worry, if the script fails and get acquainted with your toddler breast after a couple of days after birth.Instinct takes her!A midwife in the hospital or specialists in breastfeeding will show you how to put baby.Proper breast grab - a significant moment.Baby should take in the mouth as the nipple and most of the areola.Then the milk will come in sufficient

quantities, and you have not experienced during feeding any discomfort.In Soviet times, it was believed that mothers need to learn to breastfeed.In fact, there are no techniques.To master the correct capture is not too difficult.A nurse at the request obtained without effort.You can not?Do not you need something to endure and to think that breastfeeding - a heroism.Most problems can be solved.You'll enjoy the results!

Worried: and whether enough milk?Understandable anxiety, but to no avail.Chest works on the principle of "supply and demand".The more active the baby sucks, the more milk is supplied.So applying it for the first peep!Doctors have long abandoned the three-hour breaks between feedings.In the first few months of life or eating a healthy baby ... or sleep.So do not think that he eats not.There is a natural process of formation of lactation.Do not try to distract the baby when he cries.It is better to give him the chest.Normally, if the baby is applied every 15-30 minutes during the "fourth trimester" Later, he will choose his own mode of feeding - every 2-3 hours.Postponed until all domestic issues - you are not up to the exploits of the perfect hostess.Contract with her husband and family about cleaning and cooking.Focus only on the feeding baby.And try to relax myself a little, while he sleeps.A couple of months - and you'll feel freer.Do not finish feeding the baby with a mixture of water and dopaivay before his 6 months.If he is getting something other than mother's milk, it remains insufficient to stimulate your nipples, and therefore the amount of milk you will decrease.Remember the principle of "supply and demand"?

not deprive crumbs opportunity to attach to your chest once again.Educate pumping.Express breast "to the last drop" after feeding is not necessary.But every babies need milk supplies.You never know, my mother suddenly have to absent himself for a few hours!So that when you buy a good breast pump.Do not give up on the night latch toddler.That night, the milk comes most.The easiest option - to dare to sleep with the baby (baby safe position - between the wall and my mother).Then you can more or less relax and be happy pipsqueak.Now we know what should be the correct breastfeeding during pregnancy.

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