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Several recipes for meatless dishes

How to achieve this?Many of the answers - a reliable diet and fitness club.It is difficult and useless to argue with the fact that fitness not only useful for the improvement of the figures, but also for health.But with diets is another matter.Nutritionists have repeatedly acted with diatribes against different diets, calling once and for all abandon them.Is not it better, instead of diets turn to the experience of our ancestors.

We have all heard about the orthodox positions.Fasting for a believer is, above all, work on a spiritual purification, communion with God, and meatless meals, low-calorie food is only part of the post, symbolizing the rejection of earthly pleasures.In addition, because the custom of fasting was due to the way of life of the peasants.Our ancestors you were completely dependent on the annual agricultural cycle.And it positions helped the peasants to distribute the food supplies throughout the year and prepare the body for a new labor year, and also serves as a kind of way to pre

vent many diseases.

If you want to cleanse the body and improve the shape in the spring, follow the customs of our ancestors, to fast, even a little.Your well-being will affect even a short-term follow Orthodox traditions.Try it for a while to abandon the "optional" products, and you will notice how it exacerbates the sense of taste.The post will take a break from the heavy food and make the first decisive step on the road to health and understanding the real needs of your body.

But do not forget that in any case the measure is important!Ventured into fasting - do not overdo it.Included in the diet should be smooth, especially if you are busy or physically strenuous mental work.Identify yourself diet, and strictly abide by it.Eat only in designated hours, not snacking on the go.Remember that the food should be varied.For during the diet to provide the body with essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and amino acids, in advance get a few recipes for cooking meatless dishes.The most familiar to you, at first glance, vegetable dish menu may seem a mess.But take any cookbook based on the traditions of Russian cuisine.You will surely find it in recipes such cereals, which you may not even have heard of.To name just a few recipes cereals: rice porridge with mushrooms, millet porridge with pumpkin, millet porridge with beets.In order to stick to lean diet, you need to provide themselves with household blanks: pickled and salted mushrooms, vegetables, fruit and jam.Potatoes, beets, carrots, radishes, pumpkins and cabbage retain its nutritional value almost the entire year.Instead of meat, you can enter into the diet of beans and nuts.Mushrooms will increase the body's resistance.Rye bread will provide the intake of B vitamins Several times a week you can afford to fish and seafood.

Having ventured at least once on the lean diet, you will notice that it strengthens your health, improves the immune system, improves the figure and cooking meatless dishes are not time-consuming.

Here are a few recipes to cook meatless meals:

Pea soup

2 cups of peas,
1-2 bulbs,
1-2 carrots,
parsley or celery root,
Vegetable oilsalt to taste.

washed peas soak for 4-5 hours in cold water and boil in the same water, adding salt at the end of cooking.Carrots, onions and parsley sauté in oil, add the peas and bring to a boil.Pea soup should be served with croutons or white breadcrumbs.

Kasha monk-

1 cup buckwheat,
1 cup of rice,
1 cup pearl barley,
1 cup of millet,
2-3 bulbs,
2-3 carrots,
200-300g mushrooms,
vegetable oil.

Boil grains separately until half, fry the onions, carrots and mushrooms in oil.In a large pot of stacked layers of cereal and vegetables, add water depending on the desired consistency, add salt, bring to a boil and simmer over low heat until cooked.

Fish with lemon

500 g fillet of cod or other fish,
0.5 cups of water,
1 onion,
1 carrot,
1 parsley root,
1 slice celery,
1 lemon,
vegetable oil,
cumin, bay leaf, parsley to taste.

onion rings, chopped sliced ​​carrots, parsley root, celery and seasonings simmer for 15-20 minutes, add salt at the end.Grease a thick frying pan with oil, place the fish, pour the broth with vegetables, lay the slices of lemon.Simmer in the oven for 15-20 minutes.

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