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Christmas meetings of Alla Pugacheva in 2015

history and tradition

Christmas meetings of Alla Pugacheva in 2015 first 4 years, and in 1997 and 2012 meetings were held in front of the audience in the Olympic Sports Complex.Then they were taken only for television without spectators.Once a meeting at the country house Star Valery Leontiev, were also the years when meetings were filmed at the country house of the Diva, at the Operetta Theater, at the Sports Palace in Kiev.In some years meetings were held, it was due to the workload of the concert of famous Russian pop Diva.Every year I was invited to meet the artists.

Christmas meetings of Alla Pugacheva in 2015 In 2001, the eve of Christmas in 2002 went 12-episode series - Remembering Christmas.In each series, the film tells about the next meeting and show better performances, memories of speakers and comments Pugacheva.The author of the series - Gleb Skorohodov then published a book Alla Christmas and scripted series, which was published more than once.In 2012, in a special edition of the program Malakhov Tonight, participants were invited to the meetings of different years.The gue

sts Malakhov began more than 40 artists: Diva herself, Christina Aguilera, Philip, Maxim Galkin, B. Moiseev, I. Nikolaev and others.

Christmas meetings of Alla Pugacheva in 2015 for many years to come Date I. Nikolaev, A. Rosenbaum, V.Leontev A. violent, I. Allegrova, Jean, B-2, Lolita, Garik Sukachev, Anita Tsoi, Alsou, Sofia Rotaru,Philip Kirkorov, Boris Moiseev, Vladimir Melazde, Christina Aguilera, "A-Studio", "Lube", and many, many other well-known and loved by the public performers.For many of the young stars of the project was the start into the world of show business.Soon coming Christmas meetings of Alla Pugacheva in 2015, which the audience waiting with impatience and love.

Christmas meetings of Alla Pugacheva in 2014 - video

Here you can see a video of the concert.Appeared on the scene: Christmas meetings of Alla Pugacheva in 2015

  • Christina Aguilera
  • Vladimir Presnyakov
  • Jeanne Aguzarova
  • unrivaled Grigory Leps
  • group Leap Year
  • Alexander violent and many other stars of all-time variables and only light.

And, of course, brilliant Alla again pleased its fans and admirers with their new songs.Sing along, dance and enjoy life and the holiday together with Alla, that could be more delightful?

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